The current health insurance (ACA) has been seen as a way to present affordable health coverage from private insurers, but what if it went public? What benefits/drawbacks would come with this type of healthcare system? Would it be more expensive? Would we receive the same coverage as we already […]

Medicare For All: Senator Sanders Latest Push

It’s that time of the year when the warmth of summer begins to fade. The leaves begin to lose its full greenish color and slowly turn into a combination of red, yellow, and brown. The smell of pumpkins and apple pie, and don’t forget about the football games on TV. Yes, I […]

Three Ways to Have More Fun and Stay Healthy for ...

Insurance is confusing whether it’s the jargon that comes with it, understanding coverage, or the different types of plans offered. Because of how confusing insurance can be, many people are reluctant to buy it, fearing they’ll make the wrong choice. These types of problems can be less difficult when using a […]

Four Important Questions to Ask Your Health Insurance Agent

Let’s face it, no one needs stress in their life. Do you ever feel agitated, sad, and mad all at once? Have you thought that it might be stress? Stress can interfere with your everyday life, possibly causing you to sink into depression. Some signs of stress include frustration and moodiness. […]

5 Ways to Relieve Your Stress or Anxiety

Pros of a Short Term Medical Plan Price and Enrollment The best part about short term insurance is the price. It is actually affordable; it is probably one fourth of what the premium would be on the Affordable Care Act. The prices are similar to the plans that used to be offered before the Affordable Care Act. Also, […]

The Pros and Cons of Having a Short Term Medical ...

Pros of ACA Plans Guarantee Issue Policy & No Pre-Existing Conditions There are many benefits to having an ACA plan. Take for instance the guarantee issue policy, which can extend to any eligible applicant regardless of health status. This means no matter what disease the patient might have, whether that’s […]

The Pros and Cons of Having an ACA Health Plan

Due to the massive destruction of Hurricane Harvey, South and Central Texas have been going through a rough patch. With the flood came water, animals, toxic chemicals, sewage, debris, and waste, which is causing the pollution of the standing water. Some people in the Texas area have been seen all over […]

Sewage and Bacteria in Harvey’s Floodwaters Raise Major Health Concerns

Hurricane Harvey has ravaged through the coast of Texas and left behind billions of dollars in damages. It has also left millions without homes or vehicles. In times of tragedy and despair there are companies out there that are working to make a difference. United Healthcare is one of many […]

Hurricane Harvey and United Healthcare’s Disaster Relief Efforts to Help ...