The mornings are hard for some, and getting up can be even harder. We all have turned towards a morning boost through caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, soda, energy drinks, etc. Doing this constantly over a period of time can have some health risks, and I wanted to talk about […]

How Does Caffeine Affect Our Bodies?

With Thanksgiving this Thursday you might be planning your meal as we speak. Before you do that have you thought about how you can make your Thanksgiving meal healthier? There are about 4,500 calories in a typical Thanksgiving meal, that’s not including dessert. That’s a ton of calories for just […]

Thanksgiving Meals: The Healthy Alternatives

Great First Strides Since November 1st, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been opened up for the 2018 Open Enrollment period. The ACA is the health care reform law in America and is often coined as Obamacare. Since opening up for enrollment, the ACA has seen an extraordinary rise in enrollments. […]

Why Is the ACA so Successful in the 2018 OEP?

With advances in technology, it has become easier to track our own personal health. Whether its an Apple watch or a Fitbit, technology allows us to manage certain activities, whether it’s your breathing, your heart rate, or even your caloric intake. There have been many amazing inventions over the last […]

Using Technology to Track Your Personal Health

Music is more than something we listen to in our free time. It’s more than a side hobby. It’s more than just notes syncing in harmony. Music helps us relay messages through stories, cheer us up when we are down, and much more. Through these melodies, we convey the inner […]

Musics effects on the brain

Battling a high-cholesterol is tough. When in the body, cholesterol can build up in your arteries to become plaques. Plaque buildup in coronary arteries can stop the flow of blood with oxygen to your heart muscle. If this plaque ever breaks off, it could form a clot that can block blood flow to […]

Learn How to Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Tax reform’s coming full force as Republicans try again to pass legislation that could possibly end the Affordable Care Act. The first move was made nearly 2 months ago with the Senate Republicans plan for a 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut. Republicans believe with their new tax […]

What Is the Tax Cuts and Job Acts?

Today, Jeff Hess, products specialist at Empower Brokerage, talks about the renewals that customers might be getting. The questions is how can clients improve their plans and what should they do for this open enrollment? Jeff has the answer! Watch the video below! Options for Open Enrollment as Told by Jeff Hess Well, we got options, which is a good thing. By now, […]

Plan Options for the ACA Season

Throughout life, we all experience heartbreak. Heartbreak is sad, and it’s really hard to overcome when it happens to you. With heartbreak, it is very common for us to feel an intense emotional and sometimes physical strain on our persons. Some people deal with heartbreak with sleep, some like to let […]

Three Steps to Recovering from Heartbreak