Health Insurance Awareness Day

What is National Insurance Awareness Day?

On June 28, we celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day. The purpose is to shed light on the distinct types of insurance, be it a car, renters, or pet insurance. All insurance is significant to guarantee coverage in the case of unexpected situations, but the one insurance we should have at all times is health insurance. If you are not familiar with health insurance and would like to learn more, you can start by learning some of the basics of the benefits of having health insurance.


What Should I Do on National Insurance Awareness Day?

Obtaining health insurance is primordial, but we know life can get in the way, with busy days, full schedules, and little to no time to check on the important stuff. That is why on this day, we observe health insurance awareness. We encourage you to examine your coverage plan and get acquainted with your policy coverage. A simple way to get started is to schedule a call with your health insurance provider or representative and check in with them to ask the questions you might have. What truly matters is to make sure you are always covered and know what to expect from your policy.  

Why is it Important to Check-In with your Health Insurance Provider?

Times change, policies are updated, and new benefits get added each year. You may qualify for additional coverage. If your situation has changed, your family has grown, or whatever the case may be, you will want to ensure these changes are reflected in your health insurance policy to keep it up to date. If you have not checked up on your health insurance status for some time, this is your friendly reminder that June 28 is the perfect time to do it. The best way to celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day is to guarantee your health insurance plan is in place. 

Have Health Insurance Questions? 

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