How to Sleep Well Pt. 3

The last two installments on this topic discussed the top ten major reasons why people sleep poorly. Those reasons included are late night snacks, anxiety, temperature, electronics, alcohol, caffeine, sleeping schedule, exercising, artificial light, and sleep apnea. This next installation will discuss how to combat these difficult sleeping problems.

Late Night Snacks

Late night snacking is a simple fix. Changing unhealthy dinners to healthy ones and filling up on those is the best countermeasure to eating late.


Lying up at nights in anxiousness is a terrible way to end the day. There are multiple ways to kill the anxiety like breathing techniques, meditation, or reading a book before bed.


Temperature can be a big problem because it breaks up the sleep cycle if it fluctuates too much. To eliminate this problem, set the thermostat to a reasonable setting and wrap up with a blanket.


Alcohol fragments sleep because after a few hours in the bodily system, it becomes a stimulant to the brain. To stop feeling like a walking bag of dirt in the mornings, just stop drinking alcohol at least 2 hours before bed.


caffeine seems to be the only thing that keeps some people going. The dependency can be stopped by only drinking caffeine in the morning hours. Drinking Caffeine past lunchtime will keep the body from falling asleep at night.

Sleeping Schedule

Going to bed and waking up at random times takes the body out of its natural sleep rhythm. To get into the natural rhythm, set a sleep schedule and don’t quit.


Exercising stretches the muscles and allows them to relax when it is time to go to bed. The danger to avoid is exercising within 2 hours of going to bed. Doing this will keep the body up longer.

Artificial Light

Artificial light tricks the brain into thinking it should not be tired. To get to sleep faster, turn out the night lights and get dark curtains to block the light from the street.

Sleep Apnea

Eliminating the past nine problems will help in eliminating sleep apnea. If there are still problems, seek help.

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