Reach out to Loved Ones

French illustrator Jean Jullien wanted to bring people together during quarantine in the only way he knows how: through art. He created the “Peace for Paris” symbol using the Eiffel Tower after the 2015 Paris terror attacks. Jullien created a black-and-green illustration capturing two individuals embracing through an iPad screen. He wanted to shed light on iPads to Hospitals, a volunteer group whose mission is to collect iPads and other smart devices to send to hospitals and nursing homes to keep patients in touch with their families and friends.

Reach out to Loved Ones

Jullien said the focus of his latest work was bringing people together, “the tablet has become a digital gateway, a frame for this moment.” iPads to Hospitals has done a tremendous job of helping patients reach out to loved ones even during their sometimes brief isolation period. The group has received over 1,000 used tablets and reached nearly $50,000 in donated funds. They only recently started including nursing homes in their quest for patients to receive tablets, and they are having great success teaching the elderly how to use the electronics to reach out to their loved ones to keep them company. Jullien hopes people will be able to and actually want to reach out to their friends and family now more than ever. He is working to spread the word about this mission to get more technology into hospitals and nursing homes through his art to bring people together. Some tablets even come to the facilities with handwritten notes detailing a background story, someone the original owner kept in touch with through technology and now wants to pass that on. This mission means so much to so many people.

Using Art to Support the Cause

Jullien saw a volunteer group attempting to make a difference in people’s lives while many are suffering. He hopes to bring awareness to this cause with his art because of his desire to focus on “the warmth of bringing people closer.” His art has always been about inspiring people to stand in solidarity. He says his sketches are “a reaction” to what is going on around him, and right now this virus has taken a toll on the entire world, on people he has always tried to unite. Reaching out to loved ones with iPads to Hospitals has taken off in recent months. But they still need all the help they can get, which is where Jullien saw a need. The tablets have been mainly distributed throughout hospitals and nursing homes in New York, where the U.S. was greatly impacted by the virus. However, the group and hospital personnel hope this will inspire others to get involved however they can to keep loved ones in contact during isolation. Keep reaching out to your family members and do what you can to lift the spirits of COVID patients, send cards to hospitals, or donate used tablets that are still in good condition.

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