Keeping Your Body Young & Healthy In 2019

We all want to live long healthy lives although that time is not guaranteed to us. Over the years plenty have come out with age reversing secrets or even diets to help your body keep-up with the times. Is there a way to keep up with the times without all the “extra”? Today we’ll look at ways to keep you going with the ages so you can look/feel 10 years younger!

Too Much Stress

One of the biggest causes of aging is too much stress. If you were to fly to anywhere in the US and compare it to the people in Hawaii, you can practically see the difference in the face! Most doctors would tell you to try to ease yourself from stress. Stress can cause problems like headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety. If you want to keep those wrinkles away when things get too stressful, give yourself a break. Go to a quite space for 10-20 minutes and get your thoughts together. Instead of staying up late go to bed a little earlier.

Get Active

We get it, working all day to go home and workout isn’t living the life. But being active two-three times a week brings in plenty of necessary work for your body. Don’t think of working out as a chore but a way to keep your body running at 100%. Studies by the National Institute on Aging demonstrate a connection between physical exercise and better brain power. If not to be in shape use working out as a chance to tune your body up to 100%.

Foods to keep your body running

The foods we eat play an important role in our bodies longevity and ability to keep your body running smoothly. Eating out all the time? By eating natural plant foods you can restore your health/vitality. Berries help improve your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Foods like beans help you stabilize your blood sugar and protect you from colon cancer. Don’t forget the fish that improves heart- and brain-health through omega-3 fats and vitamin D available. Eating meat can be a little more difficult when keeping your best health in mind. You can visit for tips on eating meat health consciously.

Avoid & Replace

We get it you love alcohol & caffeine and you might even enjoy a cigar now and again, but limiting these things is crucial. If you feel the need for some coffee switch it out for water or the need for alcohol try to go lighter with wine. Depending on how you stick to this simple task can really change the outcome of your change in diet.

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