New Study Reveals Heat May Play a Role in Our Brain Activity


New Study Reveals Heat May Play a Role in Our Brain Activity

Is it hard to get yourself outside during the summer heat? Temperatures can flare up at any moment, and despite our best attempts to protect ourselves, the sun can affect our health. Whether it’s burning our skin, dehydrating our system, or even damaging our eyes, the summer heat might just cause future health problems. The heat in many ways slows us down in ways we may not think about, in particular, new studies show heat can actually disorganize our thoughts. How can this new study affect the way we interact with the sun? Stay tuned as we look into the effects of the heat on our mental capabilities.

Heat Effects On Brain Study

Joe Allen, co-director of the Center for Climate, Health and the Global Environment, believes our brains are more susceptible to temperature abnormalities. The study Allen conducted was used to learn more about heat effects on young healthy adults in Boston. When temperatures rise or fall, the brain’s hypothalamus becomes a thermostat of sorts. The brain is constantly receiving messages from temperature-sensing nerve cells in the skin (thermoreceptors) and sends signals to other body parts to make adjustments. Allen found in his study that those in places with no air-conditioning had slower reaction times. This is one of many studies that found that the heat plays a role in mental performance.

Ways to Cool Down

So what do these findings mean for our brain health? To avoid getting sunburned, dehydrated, and slower mental acuity, remember to always be prepared for the sun. That means if the sun is out, wear a baseball cap and some sunscreen. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated, and don’t stay in the sun too long nor during the sun-peak hours. If possible, keep a small breeze in your home and wear looser clothing. By keeping your feet cold, you can cool down your whole body or even apply an ice pack to areas like your groin or armpits. We are still learning how the heat affects our bodies, and from what we do know, it plays a very important role. So remember if you’re feeling heated, go cool down and get comfortable. Your health is more important than any activity you might be doing.

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