Dr. Gawande Named the CEO of Brookshire, JP Morgan, and Amazon Joint Venture

Dr. Gawande Named the CEO of Brookshire, JP Morgan, and Amazon Joint Venture

Earlier in the week, we updated you on the business merger of Brookshire, JP Morgan, and Amazon. Last time we checked in, the merger announced the head of their joint venture hired Atul Gawande as CEO of this venture. In the hopes of creating a solution to rising health prices, Dr. Gawande said his biggest goal is to help professionals “make it simpler to do the right thing.” Today, we will look at Gawande’s latest statements and his idea on how he aims to tackle healthcare.

Who Is Dr. Gawande

The healthcare partnership plans to cover around 1.2 million employees and families by focusing on behaviors by doctors and hospitals. Dr. Gawande wants to try new ideas and try each of them to establish an effective solution. “So all we have to do in this new venture is pick a few of them and try to bat them out of the park,” stated Gawande at Aspen Ideas Festival. Gawande has a background of teaching at Harvard, while also operating on an affiliated hospital in Boston. The new CEO joked that his first assignment is coming up with a name for the venture.

When asked how many employees he expects, he told The New York Times he had no idea. Dr. Gawande stated with a million patients who will be cared for by his decisions, that it is his job to “..figure out ways that we are going to drive better outcomes, better satisfaction with care and better cost efficiency…”

Problems With Healthcare

One problem he spoke passionately on was the fact that patients receive advice from a team of physicians that often conflict with each other. Gawande has developed a surgical list, which is mandated for doctors in Canada and has gradually been implemented in Scotland. The data collected shows an improvement of patient care with a 25% reduction in the first three years by simply using the list to make sure things are done right. Gawande also referred to the brokenness of employer-based care. He even went as far as to state job-based health insurance is priced out of care.

Stay tuned for more information as we continue to research updates on this major venture!

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