Parkland Hospital in Dallas providing free childcare

parkland childcareParkland Hospital in Dallas providing free childcare in Fall 2020.

Parkland Hospital in Dallas is collaborating with Mommies in Need, will begin offering free on-campus childcare next Fall.  The Mommies in Need nonprofit provides free full-time nannies for parents who are going through a health crisis and Boyle wanted to support more parents dealing with health issues. Natalie Boyle, the nonprofit’s founder, approached Parkland’s Center for Health Innovation and Clinical Outcomes to create a free daycare on the hospital campus.

#1 Reason Why Women Miss Appointments

When experts study barriers to healthcare, patients are often asked about transportation, nutrition, and insurance. But no one is asking patients about childcare. In fact, when researching the top 5 reasons patients “no show” for scheduled doctor appointments childcare is not mentioned.

1. Patients Don’t Have a Ride
2. Patients Think No-Showing Isn’t a Big Deal
3. Patients Can’t Get Through on the Phone
4. Patients Forgot About their Appointment.
5. Patients Don’t Have the Money.

Despite not being mentioned, childcare is actually the number one reason why women miss appointments, according to Parkland Hospital. Kavita Bhavan, director for Parkland’s Center for Innovation, interviewed over 300 mothers at Parkland who had children under the age of 13. The study revealed women typically miss four appointments a year, Ko said, and 9 out of 10 women said they missed well visits. This may explain why she sees so many women in the emergency room — especially in the evenings. “How can you address women’s health if you’re not taking care of child care?” Boyle said in an interview with KERA.

Parkland Hospital General Info

Parkland Hospital serves as Dallas County’s public hospital since 1894. It is one of the largest public hospital systems in the country. The hospital averages more than 1 million patient visits annually. Services include a Level I Trauma Center, the second-largest civilian burn center in the U.S. and a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The system also includes 20 community-based clinics, including primary care and women’s clinics, 12 school-based clinics and numerous outreach and education programs. Parkland is the primary teaching hospital for the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.


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