How Can We Combat Allergies during the Spring?

allergiesHow Can We Combat Allergies during the Spring?

As we continue to roll into spring, our allergies are probably beginning to act up. Have you ever wondered why you develop allergies in the spring? Or why you even get allergies? As a matter of fact, what are allergens? Today, I would like to discuss spring allergies and what you can do to get them under control.

What Are Allergies?

Allergies are a very common form of chronic diseases. An allergy occurs when a person’s immune system reacts to substances in the environment that are harmless for most people. When your immune system is sensitive, it’s common for you to develop an allergy. These substances include dust mites, pets, pollen, insects, ticks, molds, foods, and some medicines. Allergens are very unpredictable and sometimes will go away while some people can grow into them later on in life. Some of the most common symptoms of an allergy attack are breathing problems, itchy or red eyes, coughing, headache, hives, runny nose, skin rash, and more.

How Are Allergens Triggered?

Spring allergies are most commonly triggered by pollen. With trees, grass, weeds, and flowers blooming during the spring, they release pollen, which floats all throughout the air. When your immune system attacks pollen, it releases the chemical histamines into the blood. This chemical is commonly related to most allergy symptoms, such as sneezing and runny a nose. With the high amounts of pollen, it’s very common for most people’s allergies to start acting up in the spring.

How to Combat Allergens

If your allergies act up during the spring, here is a list of possible solutions to help settle those allergens. Keeping pollen out your home by closing windows and washing your pet frequently can remove a lot of the pollen in your household. If its really windy outside, try to stay inside so you don’t get caught in a whirlwind of pollen. Don’t let your grass get too long and cut it frequently, which will help stop the creation of more pollen around your home. Eating foods that help fight spring allergies may help, such as apples, grapes, and tomatoes. There are also many over-the-counter remedies available that will help settle those allergens. Here is a list of medicines that can help you combat your symptoms!

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