How Many Drinks Do You Consume a Night?

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Do you enjoy a drink with your dinner every night? Do you find yourself unwinding with a glass of wine after every shift? Did you know that the daily doctor-recommended amount of alcoholic beverages is two for men and one for women? It’s a crazy number, I know. You figure that it would be higher. Take a step back and ask yourself how many drinks do you have in a night and see how they compare to the recommended amount. Today, we will go over any risks or benefits of daily alcohol consumption.

A Few Drinks A Day

Doctors recommend one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men. A study from The University Of Pennsylvania showed that more than one drink a day could affect your brain function. The study showed that participants who had two drinks a night had significantly less brain volume than those who only had one. In short, their brains got smaller! A reduction in brain size can also affect your cognition and motor skills. It can also lead to forgetfulness and awareness deficiencies. The study also revealed that drinking more than one drink a day can age your brain by more than two years! It was an interesting read, and I recommend giving it a look.

What Drinking Can Do To Your Health

Having one drink a day can have adverse health effects. One drink can lead to another drink and then another, and you get the idea. Not only is excessive drinking bad for your liver, but it can lead to hypertension, an increased risk of drinking and driving, and cancer. Monitor your drinking and health because you never know if your drinking can get out of hand. Alcohol can also be very addictive, which may lead to dependency and substance abuse. Having a drink is okay, but try to stay safe!

Drink To Handle Stress

Do you unwind after a long day of work with a glass of wine or a can of beer? Maybe instead of a drink, we can take to meditation or a moment of silence. A drink can give you some much-needed relief, but it still comes with all the health risks. If you need a moment of relief, I recommend you put your drink down, raise your arms in the air, and breathe. A drink every now and then is fine, but you shouldn’t use it as a crutch to unwind since the health risks are so high!

In closing, only you know how much or how little alcohol is correct for you to consume. Alcohol is okay to consume in smaller increments, so keep that in mind while you drink responsibly.

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