6 Ways to Disconnect from Your Smartphone


If you are anything like me, thinking about how much time you spend on your phone should make you shudder. Smartphones have given us access to anything we want in the palm of our hand. We can watch movies, read books, pay bills, shop, etc. at any moment we please.

And while that may seem like an advantage, there is also a downside. Most people have developed unhealthy attachments to their phones. The phones hinder productivity by taking up a lot of time that can be used for activities or spending time with friends and family. Here are 6 ways to disconnect from your smartphone.

Keep your phone in a special spot.

A lot of the time that we have a free moment at home, we want to occupy it with our phone simply because we have it right next to us. That is why you should practice keeping your phone in a designated spot when you are home. This can be a charging station or just a nook in your living room. Anywhere, as long as it is not able to tempt you during your time.

Do not use your phone as an alarm clock.

One of the most commonly used features of the smartphone is the alarm clock. It is very convenient and can be customized to ensure you wake up in the morning. However, when you turn over to turn off your alarm, you end up spending the first moments of your day scrolling through the apps. To avoid this, you should purchase a classic alarm clock and keep your phone away.

Carry it in a bag instead of your pocket.

There is nothing worse than being that person at the restaurant that is constantly on their phone. If you want to avoid this, you should try to keep your phone in your bag or someone else’s bag. It keeps the phone out of sight and out of mind which will let you enjoy time out without your phone.

Turn off notifications.

Our bodies have developed actual physical reactions to the sounds of our notifications. They are hard to ignore, and they can preoccupy your mind until you check them. Turning off your unimportant notifications will help you be present in the moment. You can keep your ringer and text notifications on, but all the other apps can wait.

Do not take it to bed.

Looking through our phones is an activity that most of us do right before going to bed. But sometimes we let it go too far and end up sacrificing time meant for sleep. Keeping your phone out of your bed is one way to ensure that you are not overusing your phone at your expense.

Monitor your screen time.

Your screen time lets you know how much time you have spent on your phone and the specific apps. It can be a good way to monitor your phone usage. Because it is a visual representation, it is easy to follow and track. If you want to keep yourself accountable, monitor your screen time and determine what an appropriate amount of phone usage is for you.

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