How to Steer Clear of Scams for the Elderly

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How to Steer Clear of Scams for the Elderly

The elderly population often falls prey to scams. They are not as technologically savvy, grew up in a time where you could just trust people with a simple handshake, and are easier to physically manipulate. All these things combined make them more susceptible to harm; however, there are some very simple ways to share with them that can help them steer clear of these scams.

Not sharing access to sensitive information. Your PIN, SSN, bank account, or card number are considered sensitive information. They should only be shared with those you trust. That means you should never be sharing it over the phone unless you know exactly who you are talking to. It should not be sent through email, and any paperwork that may have this information should be shredded before being thrown out.

Be cautious of urgent sales pitches. An urgent sales pitch is usually a red flag. They want you to be rushed into a decision without taking careful consideration of what you are signing up for. Always know that you can take your time with any decisions, and you do not need to act immediately.

Use only recommended services. If you are going to be having someone that is going to work in or near your home, you should only use people that have been recommended by loved ones. This means that they usually have a good reputation and will do you no harm. Background checks might be necessary for anyone that is working closely with you on a daily.

Shop with reputable online companies. Shopping online requires your personal and banking information to be submitted. This is why you should only shop with well-known websites that have the lock symbol, as that means the site is safe.

No signing contracts that you do not understand. Contracts can be tricky and there may be hidden information that you will not catch. You should always have someone you trust, like a family member or an advisor, to look over any contract before you sign it and help you understand what you are getting into.

Research before making donations. Unfortunately, some scams are hidden behind a supposed charitable organization. That is why you want to make sure you always research a charity before you decide to donate.

Do not fall for prize-winning messages. A free vacation would sound nice to anybody, but you need to realize that these are scams trying to obtain your personal information. Unless you have personally signed up for a contest, do not respond to any free giveaway messages.

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