Valentines Day Treats could be Heart Healthy

Valentines Day Treats could be Heart Healthy

Valentine’s day is a day of love, not a day of indulging your inner self. That part of you that craves a good glass of red wine and a box of chocolates. Or is it? Brian Bostick, MD, Ph.D., a cardiologist at MU Health Care, said: “dark chocolate, in particular, may have antioxidant properties that can benefit the heart.” on, a local Missouri news channel. Numerous studies have shown that dark chocolate is heart-healthy. Not only tasty and delicious.

But what about wine? “Antioxidants are chemicals found in foods, like dark chocolate and red wine, that will help to relax blood vessels,” Bostick said. “They help to relieve stress on the heart, and regular consumption, in moderation, can really help to lower your risk for a heart attack or a stroke.” Yes, he said MODERATION! You should not go to the store and buy 7 bottles of red wine a week. That is very bad for you, but a glass or two a week could prolong your life. Making the stress on your heart a little easier.

What is Considered Moderation?

Eating and drinking in moderation are pretty self-explanatory. A.K.A. not eating the entire 3-foot tall heart-shaped box of chocolates. Also don’t drink a bottle of wine by yourself in a night, neither of those is in moderation, nor a very smart idea. Keeping your overall intake of these products down in your body is the way to go. Don’t think you can’t eat some of that chocolate or drink a glass of that expensive wine. Just enjoy the night and let the pieces fall where they fall.

What should I eat for Dinner?

It’s the day of love, and indulgence, So eat whatever sounds the best, or whatever you and your partner are wanting. My philosophy is that its one of the few days a year where you and your significant other get to enjoy the new, and the food you are eating too! So, if you want steak, lobster, or maybe even caviar. Whatever sounds the best to you. Just make sure you enjoy it!

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