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Zodiac Health We all pay attention to our zodiac signs at least a little bit. Although some would claim that your sign is an indication of your personality, that doesn’t mean that it’s totally disconnected from your tendencies. Some would claim that your sign can even be a predictive way […]

Zodiac Signs & Possible Health Links

Having problems falling asleep? Poor physical health specifically in vitamin deficiency may be causing you to have trouble sleeping. Vitamin/mineral deficiencies has been linked to sleep deficiencies like insomnia. Vitamin deficiencies can lead to multiple health issues that play apart in preventing your goods nights sleep. What information can we […]

Sleep Problems Stemming From Vitamin Deficiency

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body. Taking care of your heart is more than making sure you exercise every day, eat right, or even yearly check-ups. There are several other factors that play into your heart that you should monitor and be aware of […]

Heart Risk: Key Figures To Pay Attention To

One in seven children and teenagers develop at least one type of mental health disorder each year. With around 7.7 million falling into this category, about half never seek treatment for their health disorders. When left untreated, mental health problems can worsen and the longer it remains the harder it […]

Mental Health Disorders In Children

Apple tech is in the process of bringing more health information to its users. Monday, 2/11/2019, Apple announced it would begin working with the US Department of Veterans Affairs to bring health records to iPhone users. What doors can open bringing health info to apple devices? Is this the fruition […]

Apple Tech: A Further Push to Make Health Records More ...

With a move towards a better health diet, some might be wondering if its time to go vegan. More of our population is slowly moving towards the switch due to health raves and studies done on the plant-based meals. Is the diet something you have been interested in for your […]

Vegan Diets: A move Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

After surviving the nasty polar vortex that fell onto the northern part of the country, people will be surprised that their body temperature might not have been the only thing affected. Extreme weather such as this can put your health at risk in many ways besides a cold. With temperatures […]

Cold Weather: Risk You Should Watch Out For

Is there a connection between skin care and mental health? It might sound like a long shot but according to new research, some acne medication comes with warning labels about psychiatric effects. With a number of suicides related to the use of certain skin care products, what should we look […]

Skin Care & Mental Health Link Discovered