Changes Due To The Virus: Implications For The Future

Though we are only a few months into the coronavirus pandemic, the effects of the virus will be felt for years according to a new Vox article. Changes to our personal health, the economy, social modifications, and countless indirect impacts will be felt. It might be easy to brush off the virus’s impact, but understanding the changes ahead will help us better connect and continue to persevere through this season.

Changes Due To The Virus

We might be downplaying the fact that 80,000 people in the US have died due to COVID-19, with over 1 million cases, but some believe we should be ready for the second and third waves. Lois Parshley wrote that the long term health consequences of the disease are just starting to come into view: “Because Covid-19 is a new disease, there are no studies about its long-term trajectory for those with more severe symptoms; even the earliest patients to recover in China were only infected a few months ago. But doctors say the novel coronavirus can attach to human cells in many parts of the body and penetrate many major organs, including the heart, kidneys, brain, and even blood vessels.”

Healthcare Visit Declines

Another impact was on the access to care whether it was canceled surgeries, doctor appointments being pushed back, and the ability to see PCP’s. As seen by the graphs, located on Commonwealth Fund declines in visits due to the potential of being exposed to COVID-19, which could end up causing a patient’s health risks to rise even more. If these stats continue, we can expect the closing of certain practices, as well as the sick, becoming even sicker.

UnEmployment to UnInsured

There have been many layoffs since the beginning of the virus due to business closures. Over 33 million people have now filed for unemployment and unemployment rates have risen to 15%. Nonessential workers such as those who work at theaters, gyms, salons, museums, malls, and others have been sent home for the time being causing the loss of insurance and wages.

Social Effects

How have you been dealing with social distancing? Various measures put in place have had an effect on our collective mental health as well as our emotional needs. By nature, people are social beings and crave human contact. Social communities are the hub of our existence and with people forced to stay away from each other depression, anxiety, and stress have increased.


Insurance Questions?

Changes Due To The Virus could impact everyone. Do you think recognizing the current effects of COVID-19 will help us thwart lingering effects? Tell us in the comment section below!

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