Importance of visiting nursing homes
Within the last year, nursing homes were deeply affected by extreme COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. Nursing homes are especially vulnerable to outbreaks due to the special care required by residents, the residents’ ages, and the residents living in close proximity to one another and staff. Additionally, nursing facilities are clinical […]

Visiting Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

America faces potential future outbreaks as the vaccination rate declines. Photo by Uriel Mont on Pexels.
The Crawl Back to Normal With the one-month anniversary of the day the vaccine became available for all American adults swiftly approaching, there has been a significant downward trend in the vaccination rate.  While experts say that the slowing vaccination rate was hardly unexpected, the numbers have declined enough to […]

Moving Forward: Tackling the Slowing Vaccination Rate

Cases of COVID-related PTSD are expected to rise as we journey closer to herd immunity. Photo by Claudia Wolff on Unsplash.
It’s Not Over Yet With a return to normalcy pending, people are itching to mark the pandemic’s end date on their calendars.  The Gallup, armed with data from the CDC and Johns Hopkins University, has estimated that herd immunity could be achieved as early as June.  However, eliminating a plague […]

COVID-19 and PTSD: Mental Health Outcomes at the Dawn of ...