Millennials Are Not As Happy As Past Generations

millennialsMillennials Are Not As Happy As Past Generations

Recently, The Health Foundation, an independent UK charity, published early findings of a two-year study about the future health of young people. These studies have revealed an interesting find. One, in particular, is that most millennials may be less happy and healthy by the time they reach their parent’s age. What is the cause for the drop in the health and joy of millennials? Today, we will look at the study and more to discuss the solutions to this growing problem.

Why Millenials Are Not Happy

Let’s face it, millennials worry about a lot more than when our parents were this age. Millennials are struggling with paying rent, forming real social relationships, worries of the world, and so much more. These different worries are adding to stress that may not have been present in their parents day of age. These problems combined with schooling or a full-time job put the stress on millennials higher than any generation beforehand. By being sheltered throughout our lives and the expectations to succeed, failure is not an option in millennials’ minds. In a 2013 survey, those between the age 18-33 were tested for stress and received a 5.4 out of 10. A healthy stress level according to researchers is around 3.6. Even the news can be detrimental to the mental health of millennials and can cause severe anxiety.

How Parents Can Help

If you’re a parent there are a few things you can do to help your child be the stress and unhappiness they are likely to experience. One way you can help your children defeat these lows is teaching them a constructive way mentally to help create happiness. Some of these ways could be creating optimism, practicing gratitude, as well as appreciation. Creating healthy habits, such as working out, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep, can also increase their happiness. Being able to create fun in your life is also very important. By knowing what makes your child smile, it can be easy for them to form habits when they are feeling sad or stressed. Knowing how to cope will enable them to live life to the fullest without being bogged down my the weight of the world.

We are lucky to be alive each new day and by noticing the miracles of life we are able to appreciate this world. By keeping a positive outlook, we can help millennials fight back against their sadness.

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