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This year, many individuals shopping for health insurance are worried about the costs, specifically the high deductibles and premiums. Though not well-known, there is actually a solution to help combat high costs. Many smart agents are proposing two products rather than one policy to help lower premiums and deductibles. However, this may […]

Packaging Two Health Insurance Policies Can Lower High Deductibles

  Rodney Culp, CEO of Empower Brokerage, has over 30 years of experience helping people save money on their health insurance. Currently, one of the main concerns he hears from his clients is the lack of qualified healthcare options. For many consumers, they only have one option. In some areas […]

The Solution to Limited Healthcare Options is Short Term Medical

This year the number one concern people have with health insurance is keeping premiums down.  Empower Brokerage hears the same question asked repeatedly, “How do I find a plan that’s actually affordable?”  We recommend consumers purchase the cheapest available Affordable Care Act plan. Then, they can package the cheaper plan with a gap plan […]

Got High Premiums? Consider Adding a Gap Plan to a ...

Overwhelmed by high deductibles? Worried about your out-of-pocket exposure? Fear not! Jeff Hess, the individual health expert, has the solution to your problems. Check out the video below to learn the best way to spend your healthcare dollars and get an affordable plan this ACA season! How to Fight High Deductibles and Avoid Out-of-Pocket […]

Got High Deductibles? Consider a Gap Plan for 2017

Shopping for Health Insurance – What to Look for in an Agent For those shopping for health insurance, many find themselves asking, “What should I do?” Empower Brokerage believes its important to contact an independent agent. Preferably, consumers should look for an agent that offers all the alternatives available in the marketplace. […]

Shopping for Health Insurance Tip #1: Contact an Independent Agent

Jeff Hess, the individual health expert, has noticed a reoccurring issue, regarding advanced premium tax credits (APTCs), this year. Many clients are expressing concerns because even though they qualify for APTCs they are being denied tax credits. After some investigation, Jeff Hess attributes this issue to taxes. Watch the video […]

Important Notice: People are Losing Their Advanced Premium Tax Credits ...

It’s open enrollment season, and the first two deadlines have come and gone. The last deadline is two weeks away – January 31st! With that being said, what happens if you miss your ACA deadline? If your plan is not renewing, then you need to enroll in a plan ASAP to effectuate new coverage. […]

What Happens if You Miss Your Open Enrollment ACA Deadline?

A Few Words About How Supplemental Insurance Benefits Can Save You Money Rodney Culp, CEO of Empower Brokerage, has been helping people save money on their health insurance for over 32 years.  Recently, Culp’s mission for Empower focuses on helping people choose a good ACA plan. More specifically, a plan that benefits their […]

Got High Premiums? Supplemental Insurance Benefits Can Help