Shopping for Health Insurance Tip #1: Contact an Independent Agent

Shopping for Health Insurance – What to Look for in an Agent

For those shopping for health insurance, many find themselves asking, “What should I do?” Empower Brokerage believes its important to contact an independent agent. Preferably, consumers should look for an agent that offers all the alternatives available in the marketplace. In other words, you want to find an independent agent, who represents a number of carriers. Agents should also offer options outside of the marketplace. Such an agent can shop the market for you and not only offer traditional plan choices but also alternative plan choices.

How an Agent Can Assist You

Finding an agent, who has access to several carriers, can shop for on-marketplace programs, meaning you purchase a plan based on your income. You may get a subsidy from the government to help you pay for the coverage. On the other hand, an agent can also help people, who don’t qualify for a subsidy because their income places higher on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Regardless, consumers should buy a qualified plan to avoid the penalty. More importantly, a qualified plan will provide coverage for their family.

However, an independent agent, who’s knowledgeable about health insurance, can help you pick a plan that’s not a qualified plan. There are alternatives in the market other than an ACA/Obamacare that may be a better option for people. These alternatives enable consumers to purchase the coverage they need at an affordable price. To those currently shopping for health insurance, Empower Brokerage suggests you contact one of our independent agents. Empower has agents all over the country that help consumers find the best plan for them in the marketplace. Moreover, Empower’s agents assist in finding a plan that offers coverage for the doctors and the hospitals clients need at an affordable price.

Our Goal

Empower’s mission is providing affordable plans with low premiums. Moreover, Empower looks for plans that doesn’t leave clients with high out-of-pocket exposure, especially if they have to use the insurance for medical emergencies. Ultimately, the best decision consumers can make when shopping for health insurance is call or email Empower Brokerage.

Have Health Insurance Questions?

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