New COVID Vaccine Study

New COVID Vaccine Study

A new COVID vaccine study shows that the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine substantially reduces the transmission of the coronavirus in addition to preventing symptom infections. This is the first study to come out and say that the vaccines are effective at preventing the spread.

The study goes on to say that spacing out doses a few weeks apart remains the best practice for administering the shots. In addition, the first dose has a 76% efficacy for up to 90 days without taking the second dose.

“While this would be extremely welcome news, we do need more data before this can be confirmed and so it’s important that we all still continue to follow social distancing guidance after we have been vaccinated,” Chief executive of the British Society for Immunology Dr. Doug Brown told the UK’s Science Media Centre. This version of the vaccine has been authorized for public use in a number of countries including the United Kingdom and India, however, it is not expected to be authorized in the United States until at least March.

This data does not include the new variants that have popped up around the world in Brazil, South Africa, and elsewhere. However, confirming that the vaccine is indeed slowing the spread of the virus will give a lot of people peace of mind that things are headed in the right direction. Even though this is only one type of vaccine, they are all similar to each other so this study could be a good sign of things to come in the near future for the vaccines.

Although a return to normal might not happen until the majority of people are vaccinated, this study gives evidence that the vaccine does work. The more people who get vaccinated the better chance we have of achieving herd immunity which will eventually stop the virus in its tracks. For more information regarding COVID-19 vaccines, visit your county health department’s website or contact your local primary care provider.

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