Enjoy your Thanksgiving safely

Enjoy your Thanksgiving safely

Enjoy your Thanksgiving safely

Gatherings and celebrations with friends and family are joyous rituals during Thanksgiving, but while it may look different this year, you can still enjoy your Thanksgiving safely. Consider other ways to add new meaning to the holiday, such as hosting Thanksgiving virtually. You can prepare food for family and friends and drop it off without person-to-person contact or order meals from your family’s favorite restaurant and have it delivered.

Many traditions can carry over to a virtual format with a little adjustment. Zoom, for example, announced they are removing their 40-minute time limit for Thanksgiving so Americans can enjoy uninterrupted time with family at a distance. This year get creative with celebrations and see it as an opportunity to carry on holiday traditions differently and let it inspire new ones with your family.

For those looking for alternative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, the CDC issued guidelines on how to go about your Thanksgiving holiday with your family. The situation varies from circumstance to circumstance, so make sure when reading the guidelines your individual family is taken into consideration as well as your surroundings as a whole. With the suggestions from the CDC along with your family, make the decision that is best for your individual situation.

Coronavirus cases are at an all-time high, with cases reaching numbers that they have not before. It is important that whatever your plans are for the holidays, they are done with the pandemic in mind. With that in mind, enjoy your holiday with family however you can. Whether it’s over zoom or in person, nothing beats quality family time during the holiday season. Enjoy your food, family, and football in a safe environment, so that by this time next year we will all be able to gather in person once again!

From the team at Empower Brokerage, we hope your Thanksgiving is a time of reflection, love, and gratitude. Stay safe.

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