Cubicle Work and the Pains That Come with Desk Jobs

cubicleCubicle Work and the Pains That Come with Desk Jobs

If you’re in a cubicle, you probably spend hours each day typing on your keyboard, bending over, squinting your eyes. It’s not uncommon for those who spend years in cubicles to develop chronic pains that stick with them, due to an everyday task. These pains can remain with you later on in life if you don’t take the proper steps in fighting them. So what exactly does sitting in a cubicle do to your body and how can we prevent the effects? Today, we’ll answer these questions and more as we look at the risk of being a cubicle worker.

Why Do I Have Chronic Pains?

Chronic pains are common in an office work space and can be a problem. Health issues, such as back pains, headaches, and even arthritis, can stem from the way you sit or type. These pains are due to muscular imbalances in your body that are a common cause for daily pains you might experience. These pains and tightness probably mean that you are sitting with bad posture. Prolonged sitting also has a link to less brain volume for important memories. A study on people who spent many hours each day sitting found a higher percentage diagnosed with colon cancer compared to those who were active. Sitting too long can also cut off blood flow to other parts of the body and can cause pulmonary embolism.

Pain Relievers

This inactive work in a cubicle, combined with fast food, commuting, and other circumstances, can be very bad for your health, and you could be going down a painful road. However, there are tricks to overcome chronic pain caused by desk jobs. Let’s start with the back pain many face after putting in eight hours or more at a desk. By rocking your pelvis back and forth while at your desk chair, as well as tilting your hips up and rounding your back, can help reduce your muscle tension. By sitting up straight and filling that gap from your chair with a pillow or blanket can also help improve posture.

Try getting up and walking around from your desk every hour. As long as you are able to get your muscles moving around, it can reduce a lot of the stiffness you might feel each day. Pains from typing? There are these really cool keyboards called an ergonomic keyboard. These keyboards are designed so that your arms and hands can rest on your desk reducing pains from typing too much. For the best ergonomic keyboards available, here’s an article on digital trends.

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