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There are thousands of different missionaries around the world. Whether it’s from the United States, The UK, Brazil, or others, many go to uncharted regions of the world to share their personal faith to those unreached. With many going to places never traveled or even those with limited access to […]

Travelers Insurance: The Protection You Need When You Go Over ...

We all know that the world is making strides toward more advanced technology, specifically A.I. Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. As the development of AI […]

Health Connect 360: Cigna Plans To Use AI To Help ...

Technology: Apple Improves Health Industry In the past few months, Apple has made many strides to help improve the health industry. From the creation of Apple Technology, the expansion of its R&D, and even easier access to your health records, Apple has continued its contributions in the health field. As Apple […]

Technology: Apple Improves Health Industry

Starting on January 1, 2020, you must submit claims using MBIs (with a few exceptions). The Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers is a new way to the SSN-based Health Insurance Claim Number on new Medicare cards. This change comes at the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 which required CMS to remove Social […]

Medicare Beneficiary Identifier: Preparing For Your New Medicare Card

As of last week, Cigna corp has decided to sell its nonmedical insurance unit to New York Life Insurance for $6.3 billion. Talks about Cigna selling this unit were brewing around early December and according to new reports New York Life decided to pull the trigger. The sell was announced […]

New York Life Insurance Purchases Cigna’s Non Medical For $6.3 ...

With the new year & decade only a few days away, you might be contemplating setting a New Year Resolutions for yourself. Resolutions are tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere. People choose to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a […]

New Year Resolutions: Preparing For The New Year, New You

New York Life In Talks With Cigna To Purchase Units Of Cigna Corp. Talks have emerged about New York Life Insurance Co. interested in purchasing units of Cigna Corp. The deal would allow NYL to purchase units that sell nonmedical insurance products to employers being estimated at around $6 billion. […]

New York Life In Talks With Cigna To Purchase Units ...

Millennials born between 1980 and 1994, make up the highest percentage of the U.S. population/labor force. They are the moving factor of growth in the U.S. economy consumer, worker, and business owner wise. Though they continue to lead the pack, according to a BCBS study, data shows generational health patterns […]

Study Reveals Millennial Health Trends Could Have Consequences

Mental Health Awareness: How To Maintain a Healthy Psyche With mental health awareness rising in America, many have turned towards different ways to combat these disorders. Today we would like to offer you resources and helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy mental psyche. Mental Disorders on a Rise […]

Mental Health Awareness: How To Maintain a Healthy Psyche

Medicare plans receive star ratings each year on a scale from one to five. These star plans are ranked using survey information from Medicare plans, plan members, and providers. A ranking of one star reflects a poor plan, while a plan with five stars reflects an excellent plan. Categories Covered […]

Why You Should Talk to Your Agent About Five Star ...