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gardening benefits
We all need a productive past time. Not playing the latest video game, nor binge watching that favorite TV show. Something that gets us active and away from technology as well as active in nature. The benefits of being outside not only helps develop healthy habits but also gets us […]

Gardening: Underlying Benefits

Nanotechnology probably wasn’t the first thing you thought about this morning. As for those who geek over the idea, nanotech has slowly been creating strides in a field that can change our outlook on health and how it can enhance our lives. No clue what nanotech is or its capabilities? […]

Nanotech In Health & It’s Constant Stride

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash
You might be happy with your insurance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep track of it. Health plans can change drastically and sometimes your plan can be canceled without you knowing. Is that even legal? Well in certain cases it is and it’s important to know when & why […]

Cancellation Of Your Insurance: Are You Left Without a Paddle?

genetic testing
Genetic testing has made great strides over the past few years. By being able to track and test your genetic data, we are now able to help pinpoint certain diseases and disorders that might we might be susceptible to developing. Is Genetic testing something you should be interested in? Many […]

Genetic Testing: Should You Be Interested in the Test

snp plans
Some consumers who have special health care needs might need special plans that give them benefits to help fit their current situations. Special Needs Plans or (SNP) offer a wide range of special health care needs, including chronic illness. Under the governing of CMS, these plans must provide care and […]

SNP Plans and The Different Types Available

As you wait to age into 65 you might be wondering your healthcare options until you are Medicare eligible. While you decide its important to know how your coverage decisions affect the cost of your premium. Pivot Health, a health insurance company has now introduced a new health plan coined […]

Pivot Health Introduces Bridge To Medicare Plan

insurance cost
With health insurance prices continually rising, many are looking for ways to cut cost, while not lowering their amount of coverage. Without having to shop around to much and possibly switching over your plan altogether, today we will help you with tips on how to lower that increasingly high insurance […]

Lowering Insurance Prices: Tips on Saving Money Month to Month

As we continue forward with technological advances, we often forget how these great feats can play a role in our own health. In particular social media has dominated in the past 10 years and its hard to find anyone who doesn’t have at least one of the big three accounts(Instagram, […]

Social Media & Potential Health & Wellness Risk