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With the Open Enrollment season slowly approaching you might be wondering how to be most productive during this time. Beginning November 1st and ending sometime in the middle of December you might feel pressured and anxiety about not having enough time to make the right decisions. Today we offer you […]

OEP Tips: Preparing for Open Enrollment 2020

As we tend to get older our body seems to age with us. By the age of 40 most would consider the decline of our health eminent. It might seem like the glass is half empty but that doesn’t stop us from doing what we love. This is especially true […]

Is Our Age an Obstacle? How Does Tom Brady Overcome ...

The AEP season is less than two months away! During this time you will be able to switch healthcare plans. If you’re looking for something comprehensive that will not hold you back from nor leave you with a blind spot. With having such expectations how do you feel about a […]

Medicare Advantage Plans: Pros & Cons

changes in health plans
With the 2019-2020 Annual Enrollment Period closing in, you should be hearing from your insurance agent in the following months. With this call, you might hear good news regarding your plan whether that’s lower prices or even more benefits. This call might also be letting you know of rising prices […]

Changes In Health Plan? Questions to Ask Your Agent During ...

With the summer heat flaring up it might be time to if any to better take care of your health. That’s why we want to keep you up to date with all possible health risk when it comes to the heat. Dangerous Summer Heat When it gets hot the whole […]

Summer Heat: How to Handle the Summer Temperatures

When applying for health insurance most people must go through underwriting. This process is done by insurance companies to figure out your health status when applying for coverage. It also helps determine if you are eligible for coverage, what price to offer it to you and what exclusions or limits […]

Pre-Existing Condition & Its Role In Health Insurance

foods that are harmful
With society becoming more health conscious, we often look for ways to improve our body through simple habit changes. One important place to first change when aiming for a healthier lifestyle is our diets. We eat a lot of processed foods and fast food dining can be located on most […]

Harmful Foods You Can Live Without

gardening benefits
We all need a productive past time. Not playing the latest video game, nor binge watching that favorite TV show. Something that gets us active and away from technology as well as active in nature. The benefits of being outside not only helps develop healthy habits but also gets us […]

Gardening: Underlying Benefits

Nanotechnology probably wasn’t the first thing you thought about this morning. As for those who geek over the idea, nanotech has slowly been creating strides in a field that can change our outlook on health and how it can enhance our lives. No clue what nanotech is or its capabilities? […]

Nanotech In Health & It’s Constant Stride