Uber Health: Getting to Your Doctor Appointments Just Got Easier!

uber healthUber Health: Getting to Your Doctor Appointments Just Got Easier!

Ready for more tycoons to enter the healthcare service? Uber, the peer-to-peer ride-sharing company, has recently announced the launch of its Uber Health business line. Uber Health plans to partner with healthcare providers, letting clinics, hospitals, rehab centers, etc. easily assign rides for their patients from a centralized dashboard. What makes this feature different? Clients will not need to download the Uber app or own a smartphone. What will this healthcare service from Uber bring to the table? Today, I will go over the possible effects from Uber Health on the healthcare industry.

What Is Uber?

Uber was first introduced in March of 2009 and took off from there. The ability to basically hire a taxi from your phone by a simple click on an app was genius. From “Uber,” they released Uber-X for wheelchair accessible vehicles, Uber-pool where you share the ride, and even Uber-Eats that delivers your food. Because Uber had such a huge success, it is currently worth over $60 billion and is located in over 60 countries. With these and many other options for the business, is entering the healthcare market really a shock?

Health On Wheels?

This won’t be the first time Uber works on the healthcare side. Back in 2014, the company offered on-demand flu shots in large markets across the U.S. Uber Health General Manager Chris Weber stated that over 3.6 million Americans miss doctor appointments because they do not have reliable transportation. Uber Health will allow clinics and other medical facilities to book rides on their clients’ behalf. The app then sends the client a message stating they have been booked an Uber. With Uber’s multiple vehicle types, the business will be able to provide rides for all types of client needs, making the hospital appointments much easier to access. As of now, Uber has over 100 organizations on board of the service.

In conclusion, with so many big-name companies entering the healthcare market, the future of our health services seems very bright. If you’re interested in using Uber Health, visit here and see if your provider is in partnership with Uber Health.

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