Getting Active: Tips for Starting Again

Getting active again


The past year has come with many challenges and has made getting active harder for many people.  With lockdowns, social distancing, and staying home, many people have found it difficult to maintain physical activity. As we begin turning the corner, more and more people are finding themselves starting to work out again after months of inactivity. It may be discouraging when you realize you are not able to pick back up where you left off. In order to be successful and get back in the groove again, taking things slow is absolutely essential.

Avoid the Rush

It is important not to rush your progress when starting to get active again. Remember to take into account your current activity levels in comparison to where you were before. The last thing you want to do starting out again is to try to push past your limits in that first workout. This will only cause you severe discomfort in the following days. You may even accidentally injure yourself by overworking your muscles which will slow down your progress even more. Remember to have patience with your body. It may take weeks or even months to get back to your previous fitness level. By going slow you are giving your body a chance to build strength and repair. This will also decrease your risk of an injury.

Stretching as a Must

It is important to also include stretching in your routine. While it may be tempting to skip this part, it is such an important part of your health. Maintaining a consistent stretching routine will help optimize your joint and muscle health. Muscles that are limber are able to perform better and avoid injury. An added benefit is that stretching will increase your overall mobility and increase your range of motion. This will help make exercising easier and more comfortable.

Rest for Recovery

Making sure that your body is getting adequate rest after exercising is extremely important. During exercise, muscle fibers experience microscopic tears and need recovery time afterward in order to heal. By resting, you also prevent your muscles from becoming fatigued and slowing down your progress and performance. Following these three tips will help set you up for a successful return to physical activity and enjoyment.

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