How to Boost Your Metabolism

metabolismYour metabolism is a never-stopping force that helps you burn calories and shed fat. How it works may be harder to explain, but in short, your metabolism plays a big role in the gaining and losing of weight. Since your body is always needing energy, your metabolism’s job 24/7 is to convert what you eat and drink into energy. With the proper training methods, you can actually speed up your metabolic rate with a few simple tricks. What are they you might ask? Well today, I’m going to go over how to increase your metabolism in order to help you reach your body weight goal.

What Factors Affect Metabolic Rate?

Your metabolic rate as it is now is based off a few things. First, there’s body size, where people who are larger tend to burn more calories. Your sex also plays a factor since men burn more calories compared to women who are the same body type and size. Lastly, your age plays a factor; someone young can burn calories a lot quicker compared to someone who is 30+ of age. Some other random factors include how fast your digestive system might work or how physically active you are.

How to Boost Your Metabolism?

To boost your metabolism, you have a few options. The first option is simply eating food. When you eat food, your metabolism is kick-started to help burn and digest those extra calories. This method is known as the thermic effect of food. Foods high in protein causes the largest rise in your TEF at around 15-30%. Drinking more water, instead of carbonated drinks, can also help since water is 0 calories. Drinking cold water increases your metabolic rate, due to your body having to heat up the water to body temperature. Super-set workouts ( intense sets of different workouts in rotation) can help raise your metabolic rate. Since you’re steadily moving, your metabolism is having to create more and more energy.

Eating spicy foods have the ability to boost your metabolism. Certain spicy foods contain capsaicin, which can increase the heat your body makes, thereby helping you burn more calories. If you’re already lean, it seems that coffee can help increase fat burning for some people by pretty significant numbers. Drinking caffeine has been proven to increase your metabolic rate, as well as eating breakfast to start your day. An important tip is to remember to not slash your calories, which can actually slow down your metabolism. Try trimming trans fat in your food and going organic as a way to keep your insides running at full-force.

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