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Trying Something New The turducken is a curious creation… a chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey? Oh, and don’t forget to layer it with stuffing! Interestingly, I’ve never tried a turducken— but don’t worry— I plan to remedy that situation at this year’s Thanksgiving feast. The turducken […]

Out With the Old, In With the Turducken?

Health Insurance
Health Insurance Basics Younger generations may cringe at the thought of health insurance, or some may be completely confused! It is common to be confused or overwhelmed. The amount of health insurance information available out there is enough to make your brain explode. However, I have compiled some short but […]

Health Insurance 101 – Part 1

blue light
What is blue light? Blue light is one of the colors in the light spectrum. You get the most exposure to blue light through the sun, but cell phones, computers, tablets, and televisions also make a significant impact. Research has found that exposure to blue light can be positive for […]

Protecting Your Eyes from the Dangers of Blue Light

Studies show that cutting back on salt reduces your risk of stroke, heart attack, and more. Photo by mkupiec on Pixabay.
This article is part of a series on American sodium consumption. This is part 2! Read part 1 here. Pass the salt, or pass ON the salt? Why is cutting sodium so important? According to the American Heart Association, it could prevent a projected “450,000 cases of cardiovascular disease and […]

You Should Be Cutting Back on Salt! Here’s Why and ...

Pesticides and preservatives
Pesticides and Preservatives Pesticides and preservatives are chemical terms that are well known today. These toxins are not just found in fields and gardens, but also in grocery stores! Buying produce comes with the risk of consuming chemicals that may be harmful to human health. The familiar saying “don’t judge […]

Consuming Pesticides and Preservatives

EMDR therapy
What is EMDR therapy? Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, also known as EMDR therapy, is a method of psychotherapy that focuses on helping individuals process the traumatic events that contribute to PTSD, anxiety, depression, and panic disorders. EMDR was discovered by Dr. Francine Shapiro during a casual walk, when […]

A Dive into EMDR Therapy

Healthy skin month
Caring for Your Skin This November November is National Healthy Skin Month, making this the best time to check in on your skin! Your skin is the human body’s largest organ and not only acts as a protective barrier, but reveals a lot about your health in a variety of […]

November is National Healthy Skin Month