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Health Insurance
Health Insurance Basics Younger generations may cringe at the thought of health insurance, or some may be completely confused! It is common to be confused or overwhelmed. The amount of health insurance information available out there is enough to make your brain explode. However, I have compiled some short but […]

Health Insurance 101 – Part 1

The Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA) allows employees to remain under their employer-sponsored health plan in the event that they leave the job or have reduced hours that do not let them qualify for the coverage. Employers with more than 50 full-time employees are required to offer health insurance and […]

COBRA Explained

group and individual health insurance
Differences Between Group and Individual Health Insurance In the past, having health insurance through your job was the way to go. However, there have been certain changes in the landscape of the health care world that have shifted that mindset. Employers are now having to cut the number of benefits […]

Differences Between Group and Individual Health Insurance

qualifying life events
Qualifying Life Events We choose health insurance based on our circumstances at the time, but circumstances can always change. These huge changes in your life would constitute qualifying life events. Qualifying events allow there to be a special enrollment period where you can make all the necessary changes to your […]

Qualifying Life Events

switch health plan
Signs You Should Switch Your Health Plan Financial, health, and family situations change every single year. So, it only makes sense that your health insurance plan changes along with you. Taking the time during the open enrollment period to determine whether your plan is still right for you will save […]

Signs You Should Switch Your Health Plan

trends in dental insurance
In recent years, dental has been added to more and more health plans as an ancillary benefit. This is a dramatic shift in an industry previously dominated by stand-alone dental insurance providers. However, these trends in dental insurance could be dangerous for them. The Trends In Dental Insurance Before 2018, […]

The Trends In Dental Insurance

Short Term health insurance vs aca health insurance
Whether you are looking into purchasing health insurance for the first time or switching policies, navigating the landscape with all the changes in the last 10 years can be confusing. Two options you may have come across are short-term health insurance and ACA health insurance options, but what are the […]

Short-Term Health Insurance Vs ACA Health Insurance

Countries requiring international health insurance
Several countries have begun requiring travelers to have international health insurance. Traveling abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic is a risk and has added complications for American travelers. Many countries have closed their borders to Americans entirely due to the continued outbreak in the United States, but there are some regions […]

Countries Requiring International Health Insurance

Prepare for Retirement Nearing retirement can be both fun and terrifying. I mean, haven’t you been waiting for this day since you entered the workforce? While you should be looking forward to retirement, it is also a time to make sure your finances are in order and find out what […]

Prepare for Retirement