Alcohol: Drinking Safety & Tips For Your Night Out

Being Americans we all tend to drink in a certain fashion. Whether that’s celebrations, the end of the workday, or even a way to relax on the weekend, drinking is part of societies norms. This does not mean that all of us drink in appropriate moderation nor does it mean that we are all drinking responsibly. Each persons tolerance to alcohol varies from weight, height, and even what we consume. It is important that we are aware of our own tolerance levels and how to properly drink in order for our own safety and the safety of those around us.


Moderation is key. When you decide to have an alcoholic beverage it is important to understand how much you are consuming. Some people believe they shouldn’t stop until they are unable to legally drive. Others might consider one drink is enough. There are even those whose cut off is when they fall face first from passing out. Wherever you might fall in it a good idea to always keep moderation in mind in order to avoid the mistakes that come about from over drinking. When overdrinking your judgement is clouded as well as perspective.

Alcohol Levels

So how do you know if you’ve been over drinking? At there is a blood alcohol calculator that gives you a rough estimate of how much alcohol is in your system. Each type of beverage varies in alcohol percentage: A 12 oz. beer holds 5% alcohol. 5 oz. of wine holds anywhere from 10-12%. A 1.5 oz. liquor drink is about 40% alcohol. Whichever path you take it is important to remember a blood alcohol content level of .08 is the legal limit in order to drive for those 21 and older.

Size & Weight

When it comes to size, those who weigh less tend to be affected more by the amount of alcohol ingested. This is due to the amount of total body water found in a person and how A.C. is divided into one’s body. If two individuals with similar body compositions, but different weights the one who weighs more have a lower risk than the smaller person to over-consume alcohol at similar levels. It is also important to note those who drink alcohol on a consistent basis build up a higher tolerance to the amount they can drink compared to a person who drinks on less occasions.

Tips When Drinking

Knowing the risk of alcohol there is plenty to do in order to help avoid a hangover and over-consumption. One of those deterrents is limiting yourself to a certain limit each time you drink. Discuss with yourself beforehand how much you want to drink and when you hit that limit cut yourself off. The next thing you can do to avoid risk is eating something before you drink. This will help absorb the alcohol and slow down your metabolism to absorb alcohol at a slower rate. Don’t back out of drinking water when it comes to a bar night. Hydrating yourself can drastically decrease the alcohol levels and load on your liver to help you stay safe and hydrated.

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