Staying Organized 101

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Staying Organized 101

Organization is not a skill that everyone possesses, and those that do have probably maintained certain habits for a long while. There are simple things you can throw into your everyday life that will make you feel better and more productive. Here are some basic ways to stay organized.

Keep things written down.

We can remember a lot more when we write things down. Doing the extra step of putting pen to paper helps information seep into our brains and it provides a resource we can look back on. Forget about the stress of trying to remember everything. Start writing things down and you will find that you are more organized.

Have schedules and deadlines.

Creating a plan and sticking with it is a very important habit to develop. If all your responsibilities start feeling chaotic, it is probably because there is no set schedule or deadlines for completion. Having a schedule and deadlines ensures that your time does not get wasted and you can be more productive.

Do not procrastinate.

Now just because you have a deadline does not mean that you should wait until the last minute to try and complete the task. Procrastinating causes you to do underwhelming work and lets tasks pile up. Letting things have their own time and space for completion will keep you much more organized.

Avoid clutter.

Speaking of space, you should always try to keep yours clean. Having a clean and organized workspace is a better environment for productivity. You will not be overwhelmed with unnecessary items and you can focus on the task at hand. Take some time every other week or so to declutter the space around you, keeping only what is necessary and getting rid of items that no longer serve a purpose.

Clean out your inbox.

Decluttering also pertains to your inbox. Keeping millions of emails does nothing but cause stress and hide the important information that you need. Create folders within your email that will help sort things out or simply just delete messages that have no importance. You can do this every other week as a task on your checklist.

Share tasks.

An organized person usually has their tasks and days planned out pretty well, so they never have to worry about handling too many things at once. But if that were the case, to stay organized, they would need to delegate responsibilities. There is nothing shameful in requesting help, in fact, it just means that you want the work to be completed in a correct and timely manner.

While these tips were primarily targeted toward work, they can be implemented throughout everyday life. Take these suggestions and use them wherever you may need to be more organized.

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