CDC is looking at reducing quarantine time

CDC is looking at reducing quarantine time

As the population grows more and more tired of COVID-19, the CDC is looking at reducing quarantine time from 14 days to somewhere between seven and ten days.

A 14-day quarantine after arrival, without symptom monitoring or testing, can reduce risk by 97-100% on its own. However, a shorter quarantine of seven days combined with symptom monitoring and a test on day 3-4 after arrival is also effective (95-99%) at reducing introduction risk and is less burdensome, which may improve adherence, the CDC said in a study.

“To reduce the risk of introduction without quarantine, optimal test timing after arrival is close to the time of arrival; with effective quarantine after arrival, testing a few days later optimizes sensitivity to detect those infected immediately before or while traveling. These measures can complement recommendations such as social distancing, using masks, and hand hygiene, to further reduce risk during and after travel,” the study said.

This is the first time the CDC has suggested anything short of a 14-day quarantine would be insufficient to ensure that the novel coronavirus isn’t contracted by a person. The CDC is becoming aware of the fatigue that the virus is having on Americans and is trying to find ways to still be safe while also making it easier on the population to cope with the worst pandemic in the country in over a century. A seven to ten-day quarantine with a test upon arrival looks to be sufficient enough to be sure that COVID-19 is or is not present on a person.

With a vaccine coming in short order, the CDC will be frequently updating and releasing new guidelines for quarantining and distancing as the vaccine begins to take effect. While there is no certain method that is proven to work to get rid of the virus, these guidelines are what the CDC believes is the best way to go about business in a very abnormal year. Be sure to keep checking the CDC website for their up to date guidelines and suggestions for holidays to make sure you and your family are on top of all things COVID-19 safety.

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