Know What Causes Nosebleeds and How to Prevent Them

Know What Causes Nosebleeds and How to Prevent Them

For some, nosebleeds are frequent visitors, while others may only experience them once their whole lifetime. Nosebleeds can be messy and hard to manage when unexpected, but why do some people experience them so often? If you are one of those who gets nosebleeds often, you know that you have nothing to worry about, but have you ever thought of why you’re prone? Today, we will solve this mystery and give you healthy steps to take to be ready to handle a nosebleed dilemma.

Why Do Our Noses Bleed?

There are many small blood vessels that lie under our skin. When these blood vessels are ruptured, this causes the nose to bleed. There are many causes that can rupture the nose, not just a blow to the face. For example, your nosebleed could be the result of nasal infections, high levels of cold or heat, allergies, nose picking, drug use and so much more. The most common cause of nosebleeds are when the nasal membranes are dry. Are you worried about your child getting nose bleeds? Children have more blood vessels in their noses than grown adults and usually grow out of the phase by their teens.

How to Handle a Random Link

When nosebleeds occur, it’s important to stop them as quickly as possible. The fastest way to stop nosebleeds is over the counter nasal decongestants. As soon as a nosebleed happens, it’s important to sit down and lean slightly forward ( this is contrary to the popular belief to lean back). Use your fingers to pinch the bottom part of your nose and hold it from eight to ten minutes. After that hold a cloth under your nose to absorb any blood that might fall. If the bleeding doesn’t stop even after multiple nosebleeds and following these directions, be sure to contact a local doctor to investigate.


Finally, there are steps to take that will help lower the risk of nosebleeds. One of those prevention methods is to use a humidifier to keep your nose from drying out during super hot and cold months. Using saline spray when you feel your nose dry can help prevent nosebleeds before they occur. Moreover, smoking irritates the inside of your nose and by not smoking you help prevent a dry out. Lastly, stay away from picking your nose, which can cause irritation or small cuts because of your fingernails.

Nosebleeds should be handled immediately and taken seriously even if it’s not life-threatening. We hope these tips help you prevent and stop random bleedings.

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