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  It’s flu season and time to avoid that nasty respiratory illness. The seasonal illness is easy to spread and if not careful you can come down with it for a few days to weeks. Influenza which is commonly known by its alias the flu, is an extremely contagious respiratory […]

Flu Season Is Here: Follow These Tips To Protect Yourself

Cigna Launches Insulin Program Health Insurance Company, Cigna, announced a new program that is sure to perk the ears of those with diabetes. Announcing on Wednesday, Cigna plans to launch a new system that will cap out-of-pocket expenses at $25 for a 30-day supply of insulin. This out of pocket […]

Insulin Prices Could Be Capped Due To New Cigna Program

Risks of sitting for prolonged periods
The Harmful Effects Of Sitting And How To Reverse Them You may have heard of the harmful effects of sitting before. Prolonged sitting is often called The New Smoking. When you think of something that is dangerous to your health, your chair at work doesn’t exactly come to mind. However, […]

The Harmful Effects Of Sitting And How To Reverse Them

We have all used antibiotics in the past. The drugs have been in use for all types of treatment to stop, kill, and prevent the spreading of bacterial infections. In recent studies, a remarkable amount of those drugs has been in misuse especially in the United States. Antibiotic misuse can […]

Antibiotics And Misuse In The United States

Is Dog Ownership Good For Your Mental Health? Yes! There are numerous studies done all across America that support dog ownership. There is even such a thing as an Emotional Support Animal.   For example, the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) states ” In a survey of pet owners, 74% […]

Is Dog Ownership good for your Mental Health?

Health insurance premium
Factors affecting your health insurance premiums   Body Mass Index People with higher BMI generally have higher insurance premiums. As your BMI increases, the risk and chances of diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, joint and heart problems are higher. Tobacco Use Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco causes a higher […]

Factors affecting health insurance premium

Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Candy
The Holidays Are Here! You know what that means. Candy, sweets, and treats! How can we control ourselves from falling into the endless cycle that we get into every year? October 1st hits and immoderately we start snacking on candy corn or our favorite Holiday candy. As you know Walmart […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Candy

Empower Brokerage_cost of healthcare waste
Cost Of Healthcare Rising Due To Waste According To New Study Over the past several years we have seen a steady rise in healthcare costs. In an article released Monday, the private health insurance company, Humana, informed it’s readers of a total of $265 billion wasted on healthcare each year […]

Cost Of Healthcare Rising Due To Waste According To New ...