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Simply put, insurance covers against the catastrophic – something that would basically devastate you financially. For example, back in 1997, I ended up with pneumonia; it turned into something extremely bad, and I spent ten days in intensive care. I spent about twenty-eight days in the hospital in total. All said and done the bill charged to the insurance company […]

Why Buy an ACA Health Plan Instead of Self-Insuring One’s Own Medical ...

With a new year comes new trends. It seems like personal well being is on a huge incline and becoming nothing short of a world-wide movement. Furthermore, as humans, our health is an important factor to staying at our best. With all the new health trends popping up it’s hard […]

The Three Biggest Health Trends of 2017

Like it or not, we all have bad habits. Whether it’s eating unhealthy foods, smoking, shopping too much, or even being a couch potato, most of us fall into these bad habits easily. It’s hard to break some of these practices, and you might be a person who struggles with […]

The Top Three Unhealthiest Habits among Adults and How to ...

GET MOLINA HEALTHCARE QUOTES What Are the 10 Essential Benefits? Typically, all carriers in all states have those 10 essential benefits. Some of them will have a bit more to offer. We got ambulatory patient services, which mean outpatient coverage (not being inpatient in the hospital). There is also emergency […]

What Are the 10 Essential Benefits Offered by the Affordable ...

Football season is around the corner, and everyone is getting fired up for it. Sports aren’t just for the fun though; every sport has different health benefits and works your body out in different ways. In this article, I would like to discuss some of the different health benefits of […]

The Health Benefits of Playing Sports

Are you a part of the 62% of Americans who own a pet?  If so, you most certainly experience the countless health benefits of caring for your furry companion. Pets allow you to experience the great outdoors more, give structure to your life, increase socialization, and decrease feelings of loneliness. […]

The Three Biggest Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

To not be subject to the tax penalty, a person needs to first have a qualified health plan. Simply put, a qualified health plan is a part of the Affordable Care Act. Group health insurance through your employer is also considered a qualified health plan. You also have Medicare, Medicaid, and […]

How Much Do You Know about the Health Insurance Tax ...

Have you ever wondered what makes you, you? What inside yourself makes you completely different from anyone else on this planet? Have you heard of deoxyribonucleic acid? Deoxyribonucleic acid, otherwise known as DNA, is a long molecule that contains our unique genetic code. Like a recipe book, it holds the […]

DNA: Facts about the Key to our Genetics

  Cost Sharing Reductions When it comes to cost sharing reductions, we’re talking about the Affordable Care Act, which is also referred to as the marketplace or Obamacare. Basically, cost-sharing reductions apply to those with a low income (household income). Now that’s subjective, but the government built a chart for that […]

Cost Sharing Reductions: How to Receive Aid for Insurance Costs

Let’s face it, your kids are probably the most important thing in your life so it’s important to make sure your kids are learning healthy habits. Whether it’s eating right, staying active, or even reading once a day, you want to install the best habits in their everyday lives. Plus, […]

Healthy Habits To Teach Your Children