The Health Benefits of Playing Sports

Football season is around the corner, and everyone is getting fired up for it. Sports aren’t just for the fun though; every sport has different health benefits and works your body out in different ways. In this article, I would like to discuss some of the different health benefits of playing sports and describe the workout benefits of each.

Health Benefits of Basketball

To begin, basketball is loved across the world. It’s simple enough to pick up a ball and get rolling on any local court. Since basketball is so fast paced and involves a lot of running and jumping, it’s a great way to get in an exercise. By playing basketball, you get a full body workout that helps the development of lean muscle. Your lower back, neck, deltoids and core muscles all have a chance of being worked on. Aside from building muscle, basketball also promotes cardiovascular health, due to it increasing your heart rate and building endurance. Because of all the movement in basketball, it can give you an aerobic workout that in turn can help you burn a lot of calories.

Health Benefits of Football

Football is a fundamentally tough sport. Although the physical activity might be harsher for your body, there is still plenty to gain. From the get-go, football is a great cross training activity. Many skills develop while playing football, such as agility, hand-eye coordination, and physical endurance. While physical health is important, there are also many mental health benefits of playing sports, especially football. It takes a strong mind to be able to play football, not just physical toughness. Being able to react, read plays, push through stamina breaks, and go as hard as you can for 4 quarters takes someone with mental toughness. Football, more than a lot of other sports, stresses the importance of teamwork. Since a football team has to work in unison each time to be able to push down the field and score, it takes cooperation and role accountability.

Health Benefits of Baseball

America’s favorite pastime works many different muscle groups, especially the arms, thighs, and lower legs. Because of the running, catching, throwing and swinging a bat, this sport provides tremendous strength and cardiovascular benefits. Again, there are also mental health benefits of playing sports. For instance, in baseball, making split second decisions on how to hit a ball or even if you’re going to swing helps develop quick thinking. Swinging the bat and throwing the ball involves all of your arm muscles. Most people play baseball when the sun’s out. Your body will be able to take in sunlight, which provides you a good amount of Vitamin D.

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