Amazon: Moving into Healthcare Full Speed

amazonAmazon: Moving into Healthcare Full Speed

Amazon is at it again, with its team coming together for a new Alexa division project coined “health and wellness”. With this new team, Amazon hopes to be more knowledgeable in the healthcare field. Specifically in diabetes management, care for mothers, infants, and aging. Being led by veterans on the companies team like Rachel Jiang, Amazon will build more credibility in the healthcare world. What can Amazons enter the health market mean?  Today, we will cover these questions and more as we explore the health and wellness team.

Amazon Updates Over Past Few Months

since its original interest was made known, Amazon has not stopped the rolling announcements. Since the company is already selling medical supplies to hospitals, creating their own footprint in the market. Then, Amazon announced the team up with J.P Morgan, and Berkshire Hathaway to re-strategize how to think about and ultimately find a solution to healthcare. The development of voice technologies such as Alexa, which is used to checklists/share vital important with patients once they’re discharged. With the company trying getting into healthcare on multiple fronts, they at least assure to be successful in some areas.

Health & Wellness Division

In the health and wellness division, we can expect most projects to be moved to this team to take over the work. One of those projects could be the Amazon web-services which have a team dedicated to serving health and pharmaceutical companies. With Alexa Skills becoming a vital part of the healthcare plans for Amazon it won’t be surprising to see more updates in the near future. Amazon worked with drugmaker Merck to offer a prize to developers building Alexa “skills” to help people with diabetes manage all aspects of their care. They are taking every step to make sure that they can provide clients with every resource possible and we should look forward to later reveals.

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