How We Are Coping With Quarantine at Empower

How we are coping with quarantine at Empower

Empower Brokerage is classified as an Essential Business so that we can help consumers find the coverage they need in an ever-changing market and situation. We are following best practices from the CDC but we wanted to ask some of our co-workers (from 6-feet away) how they are coping with quarantine.

What ways are you coping with the Quarantine?

Marketing Specialist, Emily Schellin, uses this extra time at home to read books and spend some much-needed mommy-pup time together!

Life and Financial Product Specialist, Enrique Torres, said the extra family time has been a big factor for him coping with quarantine. His dogs also play a big role in being able to enjoy the little things.

Mayah Fegely said she was coping with quarantine by spending time with her family and enjoying the time she has with her step-kids.

What do you miss the most?

Emily reported missing the nail salon the most and then sports as well. Her favorite sports include college football and hockey.

Enrique misses his hairdresser, Champagne, the most. Who can blame him, we all miss our salon, barbers and favorite hairdresser!

Mayah reported missing being able to go out anytime she wanted and seeing her friends and family that are not so close to her. Something we all struggle with in these unprecedented times.

What is the worst part of quarantine for you?

Emily mentioned the worst part is not being able to meet up with friends or go out into the world, unless for essential activities.

Enrique also reported that the worst part of quarantine is not being able to go out on the weekends with his family and going to their favorite restaurants.

Mayah mentioned that the worst part was not being able to see her friends.

These are just some of our thoughts, what we miss the most and how we pass time. It looks like a lot of us rely on our family and friends and pets (of course) to help get us through this difficult time. We hope that you stay safe, happy and healthy during this time!

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