Ergonomic Tips for Your Workspace

ergonomic tips

Ergonomic Tips for Your Workspace

Whether you work at home, or in an office, you may spend a lot of time at your desk. If not handled properly, this could result in some fatigue or pain. We always want to put out our best work and having to deal with constant back, muscle, or eye pain can hinder that. To maintain effectiveness, there are some ergonomic tips for your workplace that you can put into action.

Don’t strain your eyes. Your eyes are very valuable when doing work, so we do not want to do anything that might harm them. To avoid straining your eyes, you should keep your monitor directly in front of you and at least an arm’s length away.

Remember to rest your eyes. Staring at a monitor every day for hours on end can do some serious damage. So, it’s important to periodically rest your eyes. The 20-20-20 rule is a great way to do this. Every 20 minutes take 20 seconds and look at an object that is 20 feet away. It’s a great way to rest your eyes for a bit.

Keep your feet on the floor. In order to be more comfortable, your feet should not hang when seated. Instead, they should be planted flat on the floor and your knees should be parallel to the ground. You can do this by adjusting your seat but if your chair is not adjustable, find yourself a footrest that can help solve this issue.

Move important objects close. We all have those tools that are necessary for everyday operations. Those important things should be kept closer to you. It does not allow for extensive reaching which could, over time, cause some problems.

Buy yourself a headset. A good employee knows how to multitask and that includes answering the phone while working on something else. But you should not get used to holding the phone with your ear and shoulder. Instead, you should buy yourself a headset. It is great for multitasking and a more comfortable alternative.

Try not to slouch. After working for a while, it is hard not to find yourself slouching a little bit. However, you should try to refrain from doing so as much as possible. Slouching puts a lot of pressure on the discs and vertebrae of your back and can have terrible long-term effects.

Have support for your arms. A lot of pain and discomfort comes from not supporting your arms. That is because when your arms are not being supported, your neck and shoulders are left to carry the weight. To avoid this, you can use armrests or scoot your chair in and let your arms lay on the desk.

Choose the right chair. A lot of your comfort comes from the type of chair you have. So, you must choose the best one. Your office chair should have an adjustable height, armrests, a good cushion, and be able to align well to the curve of your back.

Take time to move around. Whether you are at home or in an office, no one expects you to stay seated for 8 hours without moving. Taking the time to get up and stretch your legs is good ergonomic practice. You can take a lap around your house or office about every hour or so. Even taking the longer route when taking a restroom break is a good way to get some movement.

Your productivity is heightened when you are feeling your best. Whether it is in your own home or an office setting, these ergonomic tips can help save the day. You will thank yourself in a few years when you realize how these small changes made such a big difference.

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