ACA Lawsuit Might Jeopardize Millions of Americans Access to Health Care

acaACA Lawsuit Might Jeopardize Millions of Americans Access to Health Care

Thursday, June 14, the Justice Department filed a brief, arguing that the Affordable Care Acts protection for preexisting conditions should be invalidated. This would leave those with preexisting conditions who originally would be accepted by any insurer left to fend for themselves. What are the reasoning behind the DOJ’s brief and sudden disapproval of patients with previous health history problems? How should we react to this news? How will this affect you? Find out today as we look at the policy that might leave millions without health insurance.

Will Preexisting Conditions Go Away?

On the basis of a 2016 study by Kaiser Family Foundation, over 52 million Americans are receiving health care on ACA plans, due to the acceptance of all preexisting conditions. In the past, insurance carriers have denied patients with certain preexisting condition, such as AIDS, Alzheimer’s, anorexia, cancer, bulimia, and more. With the rise of premiums each year, insurers seem to be holding off from selling individual plans, which can eventually destabilize the health insurance market. Some who oppose this prohibition on dropping preexisting conditions state that it is unconstitutional. With the break down of the ACA, more people could be finding themselves on a different plan around the AEP.

Pros and Cons

Although this change in ACA can cause millions to lose their current coverage, this gives leg room for companies to provide new alternatives like catastrophic plans. For those that need special coverage due to preexisting conditions, catastrophic insurance coverage includes preventive services, emergency services, prescription drugs, and more. This change will drive prices down for  ACA plans, due to the original function of the ACA charging everyone in the US the same prices, conditions or not.  These aren’t the only changes to the ACA this year. One change we’ve seen is the abolishment of the individual mandate, which required everyone to have some type of insurance. Without preexisting condition coverage in ACA plans for 2019, we can predict a drop in the number of citizens on ACA plans. It is important to note that 18% of Americans were denied coverage due to preexisting conditions.

It’s uncertain if the ACA will get rid of preexisting conditions, but it will be a hot topic during elections. Stay tuned for more updates on the situation and give us a call if you have any questions.

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