A Few Tips to Help You Have a Healthy Summer

summerA Few Tips to Help You Have a Healthy Summer

The sun is out, summer is here, and we all can’t wait to enjoy it. During one of the best times of the year, it’s very common for people to travel around and go on trips outside of their city. It’s also common to have backyard BBQs, going to the beaches, or even tanning. Naturally, you will be outside a lot more. With this comes some risk not only from the sun but even your surroundings. You should also take this time to work on your health to make sure you stay in top shape. So what can you do to better your health during the summer? Today, I want to go over health tips specifically made for the summer time.

The Sun and Your Health

One of the most helpful tips someone should know is to always apply sunscreen. You need at least SPF 30 in order to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays released from the sun. Your skin can be sensitive to the sun, which can make you peel and too much exposure has been shown to raise the risk of cancer. While we are on the topic of the sun, getting dehydrated from the sun’s heat can happen if you don’t drink enough water. Try to drink at least a few glasses a day and try to avoid sugary drinks when possible. Although the summer might offer a wider range of snacks, be sure to still watch what you eat. Additionally, make sure that if you are at a food event that the handling, prepping, and cooking of the food is proper to avoid foodborne illnesses.

Water, Insects, and More

Be sure you are swimming safely. If you decide to go for a dip, remember to never swim alone or to eat before to avoid cramps. If you don’t know CPR, it’s a life-saving skill and a something that will always come in handy.

Also with summer comes a rise in insects. Mosquitoes are active more frequently in the summer than any other time. If possible, use bug sprays when outdoors to avoid the spread of infection from a mosquito. It’s important to note if you have a pet or backyard, ticks are more active, which could have Lyme disease. With the sun out, it may be necessary to miss a few workouts due to heat. Try switching up your routine or even time you work out in order to still get your daily exercise.

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