Monitoring Your Child’s Internet Usage


In this day and age, more children are learning to use a cellphone before they become potty-trained. Similarly, a tablet has replaced their favorite toy. They now have access to the internet. As adults, we understand the dangers that are present on the web, but these young children do not carry the same perceptions. They navigate the internet with no regard for the potentially dangerous situations they can put themselves in.

The Threats

Most parents believe internet predators to be the only threat on the web, and while that is a very valid fear, there are other dangers that are equally as bad. Here are a few things to address with your children to ensure they avoid these dangers.

Phishing- Phishing is a crime where a scammer targets people to get access to their personal information. They do this by posing as legitimate institutions and businesses. The personal information will be used to gain entrance into very sensitive accounts, which can lead to identity theft or worse.

Cyberbullying- Being behind a computer screen lets people get a little bolder when addressing others online. This can lead to cyberbullying, in which your child may be the victim or the perpetrator. This form of bullying can be very harmful, so it is important to discuss this topic.

Malware- Malware is programming that is meant to harm your computer and break into your personal accounts. This malware comes in the form of computer viruses, worms, a trojan, etc. They are enticing to children because they are downloaded disguised as other apps or games.

Inappropriate Content- Because the internet is so vast, the large majority of content that is not appropriate for children. Even if your child is on the kid-friendly side of the internet, the probability that they will come across inappropriate content is very high.


Observation and conversation are the simple ways in which you can ensure that your children do not fall for these internet dangers.

  • Talk about internet safety and develop a safety plan
  • Supervise while they use the internet
  • Review any apps they use
  • Use and review privacy controls and settings
  • Help them understand what information not to share
  • Make sure they know they can come to you in case of any danger

Keeping your children safe on the internet is the ultimate goal. Taking a more active role in educating them about internet danger is one the best ways to do just that.

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