Health Connect 360: Cigna Plans To Use AI To Help Customers

We all know that the world is making strides toward more advanced technology, specifically A.I. Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. As the development of AI advances, we can expect the implementation of technology into various businesses in particular healthcare. One health insurer, Cigna, has announced the start of using artificial intelligence to track patients’ drug intake. Why would the company be tracking drug usage with AI Health Connect 360?

How does Health Connect 360 Work?

The tool, Health Connect 360, the named coined by Express Scripts, was purchased along with the company last year for $67 billion. Health Connect 360 is able to observe patients’ drug intake. Then through its analysis give results if they are complying with their prescribed treatment. Its ability can track treatments for chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. Health Connect 360 pulls information from four sources pharmacy claims, medical, lab, and biometric data. The data is then compiled and given to doctors and pharmacists to better understand the patient’s condition.

How Health Connect Will Help Patients & Doctors

Vice President and clinical product manager at Express Scripts, Snezana Mahon, had this to say about the companies tech, “Imagine the power of a pharmacist who has a 360 view of a patient, where they see that in the last month they were adherent in taking their medication, but their blood glucose levels are still elevated, or low,”. This gives doctors the ability within minutes to check on their patients and manage them better. By better managing patients you not only have a chance to better manage clients health but also reduce cost.

When Will It Be Available?

Using Health Connect 360 Cigna hopes to save costs for members while keeping better track of their health. With one out of every eight Americans stating high drug cost causes them to skip doses or delaying refills, Cigna wants to change the stigma. Health Connect 360 helps those patients who say they can’t afford drugs for a variety of conditions identify cheaper alternatives. Testing of the AI of 500,000 members, Cigna believes Health Connect will be available fully in January of 2020.

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