Harmful Foods You Can Live Without

With society becoming more health conscious, we often look for ways to improve our body through simple habit changes. One important place to first change when aiming for a healthier lifestyle is our diets. We eat a lot of processed foods and fast food dining can be located on most corners. But are their better ways of taking care of our health without counting calories every day? Today we will talk about foods you should avoid at all cost that will not only help you feel more energized, but help reduce the harmful foods you put in your body.

Pizza Is One of Many Harmful Foods

When we talk about harmful foods, most people have a general idea of what isn’t good for you like junk food. But even some of our favorites can bring us harm. One of those favorites that most of us enjoy is pizza. Pizza is convenient being delivered to your door from your favorite shop. But pizza also is usually processed meat with highly refined dough. These combinations together can spell the worst type of food for your body.

Soda & Fruit Juices

Most people know that soda is bad for you and often times they might make replacements with water or another type of drink. The drink that also has become a go-to alternative is fruit juice. This is often misleading as “healthy”, because of the fact that fruit is in its name. Be warned, fruit juices are mostly fruit flavored sugar water and these drink can have as much sugar as your favorite soda.

How Do You Like Your Coffee

Another place where people tend to look over is their coffee. Black coffee is not for the weak and the taste usually throws people off. This leads to the addition of sugars and creamers. Although a few scoops may not seem like a lot, these additions can add up quickly especially for those who drink coffee often. If this is you I would recommend avoiding coffee altogether if black isn’t for you.


Did you fall into the hype of margarine butter? Although first introduced as a healthier alternative to butter, margarine relies on highly processed vegetable oils. speaking of oils it might be time to drop the canola, corn, peanut, sesame, and soybean oils. On average these oils have been used in higher amounts than necessary close to 20:1. There are also healthier options are available such as olive oil.

Avoid the harmful foods in your diet at all cost and watch your waist shrink and health spurt. Comment below with the changes in your diet that can help someone else trying to get on the right track! Be sure to keep your health in check and while you’re at it how is your insurance?

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