Sleep Remedies That Actually Work

If you’re like me, going to sleep at the end of the night might be somewhat hard. Either you’re still awake, can’t stop tossing and turning, or you can’t seem to just stay asleep. This lack of sleep can really affect your day to day. It might take half the day to wake up from lack of energy. So today, we will be going over simple ways to improve your bedtime practices so you never have to wake up feeling drowsy again.

Sticking to a Sleeping Schedule

Some of your bedtime problems could be from your daily routine. Making simple changes to your routine and habits can have a great impact on how well you sleep. Better sleep will leave you sharp, balanced, and full of energy all day long. It’s important to understand that your body works like a clock. It knows when you usually go to sleep and it tries to work on that same schedule every day. Figure out a time when you usually go to bed and make it a habit to lay down around that time each night. With this does over a period you will begin to wake up without the need for an alarm. Although sleeping in feels great, it can mess up your internal clock that you are working hard to develop so try to avoid sleeping in late. If you decide to indulge in a nap, keep it to about 15-20 minute; shorter naps won’t interfere with your sleeping schedule. So remember – don’t let it be too long!

More Changes in Your Sleep Habits

It’s important to reduce the amount of light you are receiving before bed. Your body produces hormones whenever it’s exposed to light, which will make the body keep itself awake if exposed. In addition to light exposure, overthinking is another deterrent to falling asleep. Whatever caused your problems today will still be there to solve tomorrow. Therefore, it’s important to take this time to relax your body. A warm bath can also help you relax before bed, which soothes your muscles and has been tested to help you wind down after a long day. Limit your caffeine intake throughout the day, due to the fact that this can cause you to not be able to fall asleep. Any coffee or caffeinated drink should not be consumed after 3 pm. Lastly, put down the phone after a certain time; your text messages won’t be gone in the morning. Instead of staring at your phone, which emits light that can prevent you from falling asleep, open up a book or magazine. Reading will make your eyes tired after awhile, which will help you fall asleep. Take this time to really get comfortable and try falling asleep.

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