Hangover Cures to Help You Recover after NYE

Everyone experiences a massive headache in the morning after spending a wild night with friends at least once in their life. When your stomach is churning and it feels like you were hit with a ton of bricks, that’s probably the hangover. When you drink too much alcohol, your body becomes dehydrated, and often these effects come with force. Ethanol, a toxic chemical found in alcohol, actually causes the dehydration. From dizziness and fatigue to lightheaded-ness and sweating, a hangover is no fun. If you’re like me, you don’t want to sit in bed all day, and you want to recover as soon as possible. Today, I’m going to help you out with a few tips to help get rid of that pesky hangover in order to not miss out on your day.

Food Hangover Cures

When fighting a hangover, the best thing for you to do is restore your electrolytes and re-hydrate yourself. How do you do that? Well, drinking water is a start. There are a few key foods that restore electrolytes, such as watermelon, celery, pineapple, and carrots. You can also restore electrolytes with bell peppers and probiotic yogurt if those other things don’t sound appealing. When suffering from a hangover, it’s important to get food in your stomach that can soak up the alcohol, e.g. greasy foods. Greasy foods should be eaten before you begin to drink so something is on your stomach to balance out the alcohol intake.

Drink Hangover Cures

You can also restore electrolytes by drinking certain liquids. There are many drinks on the market that re-hydrate you and restore electrolytes, such as Pedialyte, which contains a balance of sugar and minerals, helping to prevent dehydration. You can try most fruit juices, which contain fructose, thereby giving the body some instant energy. Additionally, juice contains vitamins to help the recovery process. Water should always be your go-to when you wake up with a hangover. Water can help prevent some painful hangover symptoms. Remember this: the more water you drink means the more fluids you will replace, and the better you will feel. Drinks, such as Gatorade, tea, and even pickle juice, all can help with hangovers. Next time you go out remember to drink responsibly, or you might possibly regret it the next morning!

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