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Children running in hallway.
As the Summer break comes to an end, it is a hurry to try to get the kids prepared for school. That may mean buying new clothes and shoes, picking the perfect backpack, or finding the big pack of crayons with all the best colors. Whatever back-to-school prep means for […]

Back-to-School Health Tips

According to The Week, there was great health advice to carry into the new year. There were also plenty of things to try and avoid to maintain the upkeep of your body. From playing soccer to running more, and eating high fiber foods to avoiding certain drugs, foods, and even […]

Advice To Carry Into The New Year: Get Your Health ...

1. Help Your Diet by Ditching Diet Soda For the sake of your health, ditch soda altogether. Yes, that includes diet soda. “In addition, many people think ‘low-fat,’ ‘low-sugar,’ or ‘light’ means fewer calories, but that’s not always true,” says Amy Goodson, RD, dietitian for Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine. […]

Counter-intuitive Approaches to 9 Health Problems