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Employers and employees might be in for a change when it comes to Health insurance starting in 2020. According to the Natlawreview beginning in 2020, subject to the satisfaction of several requirements, employers may offer employer payment plans as an alternative to traditional group health insurance plans viable option for […]

Group Health Plan Alternative: Reimburse Health Insurance Premium

With the Open Enrollment season slowly approaching you might be wondering how to be most productive during this time. Beginning November 1st and ending sometime in the middle of December you might feel pressured and anxiety about not having enough time to make the right decisions. Today we offer you […]

OEP Tips: Preparing for Open Enrollment 2020

As we tend to get older our body seems to age with us. By the age of 40 most would consider the decline of our health eminent. It might seem like the glass is half empty but that doesn’t stop us from doing what we love. This is especially true […]

Is Our Age an Obstacle? How Does Tom Brady Overcome ...