A father spends time with his children outside.
Why are enrollees losing Medicaid coverage? In 2020, Congress established the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) to allow a continuous enrollment provision helping people with medical coverage during the pandemic. For three years, the federal government instructed states to maintain enrollment of nearly all Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance […]

Are You Losing Medicaid Coverage?

A second opinion is a viable option that can confirm a diagnosis.
Seeking medical care and following a treatment plan is essential to maintaining good health, but sometimes we may feel unsure or uncomfortable with a diagnosis or treatment plan. In such cases, seeking a second medical opinion can provide valuable information and insight. These situations may require more specialized care or […]

Should You Get a Second Opinion?

A cardinal college mascot celebrates on the basketball court.
5 of the Strangest College Mascots It is March, and sports fanatics look to enjoy college basketball’s 68-team men’s and women’s tournaments. If you have ever watched a game or two, you might have seen a mascot interacting with the crowd or encouraging them to make noise. While watching a […]

5 Strange College Mascots

Is Health Coverage Necessary? We are always told to get health insurance coverage because you never know when you can fall ill and need that support. However, when you are generally healthy, it can seem like a waste to pay a premium monthly and not use the coverage. Well, lucky […]

Using Health Coverage When Healthy

An engaged couple hold each other's pinky fingers.
Insurance for Engaged Couples: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Married First off, congratulations on your impending nuptials! Once you pop the question and place the engagement ring on, a newly engaged couple will move on to planning the big day. However, the gap between getting engaged and the wedding day […]

Insurance for Engaged Couples

A person takes a photograph while hiking in the mountains.
Hiking Preparation Spending your time outside in the fresh air, being active, and taking in the beautiful nature scenes encompass the hiking experience. Maybe you have never hiked before but would like to try it. Preparing for your first hiking adventure involves many tasks, but it is achievable. Start hiking […]

Hiking Preparation

An elderly person sits with a stress ball in hand.
You should be thorough in searching for the best hospice care provider for you or your loved ones. Your physician, case manager, and hospital discharge planner can help you, but you would still want to be involved in the search as much as possible.  The law mandates that all hospice […]

Looking for a Hospice Care Provider

A full glass cheering to the benefits of water.
Water is essential for human survival, and it is vital to take a moment to learn about the benefits of water for our overall health and well-being. Water helps us maintain a healthy weight, keeps our body correctly functioning, and has many other benefits you might not know. There is […]

Benefits of Water

San Francisco's Super Bowl stadium is seen a night.
Super Bowl Trivia Once again, American football’s top professional teams will soon meet at the Super Bowl. Friends might have invited you to Super Bowl parties in the past, and you might get an invite to another one this year. If you ever have trouble thinking of topics to discuss […]

Super Bowl Trivia

Looking at fingernails.
Your fingernails can say a lot about you. And no, I’m not talking about the color or length. Instead, any white splotches, ripples, and bumps can signal that something is wrong. Diseases throughout the body may sometimes manifest themselves as imperfections in your fingernails. Follow along as we discover what […]

Do Fingernails Reveal Your Health?