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Why Coronavirus is Not the Flu Have you heard that the Coronavirus is Not the Flu? We have comparison information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the differences. The most frequent symptoms of the coronavirus are fever, dry cough, fatigue, […]

Why Coronavirus is Not the Flu

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the press surrounding COVID-19, you’re not alone. But there is some good news to report: contrary to what we are hearing, some people are testing NEGATIVE for the virus. Some states are only reporting positive COVID-19 tests, which provides a misleading ratio for […]

States Only Reporting Positive COVID-19 Tests

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Millennials have a great love for the technological world. But, according to a Path to Better Health Study by CVS, this obsession could be harmful to their health. In a generation that came of age during the rise of technology, millennials now have a more difficult time in social gatherings […]

Digital Health Tools for Millennials

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, medical safety gear has become scarce. Health care workers and public authorities have requested face masks and other essential products to be donated. Further, anyone who has considered hoarding face masks and other medical gear may want to think again. Our hospitals and local clinics need […]

Medical Safety Gear Shortage

Biotin has long been popular for its healthy hair, skin, and nails claim. But what about the disclaimer that the effects haven’t been evaluated by the FDA? If you have weak nails and thinning hair, you’re likely willing to try anything once, assuming it’s safe. So what are the chances […]

How Badly Do We Need Biotin?

How to Stay Focused When You Work from Home Whether it’s your cute animal friend, Netflix, or the ease of access to food we all get side-tracked when we work from home. Don’t let these common issues get in the way of you and your work. After all, you’re not […]

How to Stay Focused When You Work from Home

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issues new orders Texas is the most recent state to close all bars, gyms and reduce restaurant capacity. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issues new orders, this comes the same night as the governor of California issues shelter in place order. Texans all around the state are […]

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issues new orders

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing a small piece of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, travel to Iceland. Despite its name, Iceland is full of green, natural beauty. There are plenty of opportunities to visit while the climate is mild. A small Nordic nation situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, […]

Travel to Iceland

That first job after college is of the utmost importance to college seniors and recent graduates. However, it is possible to take this task into your own hands. Success is just a few steps away, so don’t get discouraged. Start with these tips to begin your job search. 1. Career […]

Your First Job After College

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Sweatcoin app pays you to maintain your fitness goals Launched in 2016, the Sweatcoin app pays you to maintain your fitness goals. The creators of this app pride themselves on motivating people to get up and get moving. It rewards users with digital currency for tracking their physical activity. Sweatcoin […]

Sweatcoin app pays you to maintain your fitness goals