Person making a phone call to her health insurance provider
What is National Insurance Awareness Day? On June 28, we celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day. The purpose is to shed light on the distinct types of insurance, be it a car, renters, or pet insurance. All insurance is significant to guarantee coverage in the case of unexpected situations, but the one […]

Health Insurance Awareness Day

A road is seen with a mountain range in the background.
The summertime usually means people are preparing to go on vacation. Traveling does not always involve venturing to a foreign land. Many unique travel destinations in the USA are available to visit. Natural landmarks, national parks, and unique exhibits are some of the distinctive places you can take flights to […]

Unique Travel Destinations in the USA

Woman drinking a glass of water.
“Drink More Water” If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to drink more water, I’d be rich. We are warned constantly about dehydration and the negative effects of a low water intake but rarely are we cautioned about drinking too much water. Most people probably don’t […]

Can You Drink Too Much Water?

A fire's flames burn charcoal.
Temperature and the Body As the spring season comes to a close and a bright summer draws near, people anticipate spending time on vacation. We can all imagine the beach, the warm temperature, and longing for an ice-cold beverage. Whether it is relaxing in a nice sunny place or cooling […]

Temperature and the Body

A starry night sky is photographed.
Across the globe, sky gazers enjoy many intriguing celestial moments. Meteor showers, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, blood moons, and planetary conjunctions are a few recent astronomical occurrences seen in the sky. This summer, five planets in our solar system will create a planetary alignment, appearing in a diagonal line to […]

Planetary Alignment Arrives This Summer

Listen Up! It’s never a bad time to learn a few facts about the human body, specifically about one of the most important structures we have. The ears are one (or… two) of those vital structures. And hey, if nothing else, you can take these factoids to trivia night and […]

5 Things You’ve Never HEARD About Your Ears

Common Diet Misconception
The First Common Diet Misconception This common diet misconception may not come as a shock to you, but it is true, nonetheless: a diet that works for one person may not work for you. In other words, not all diets are created equal. Every person’s body reacts differently to different […]

A Common Diet Misconception or Two

Healthy Heart Coconut has long been seen as a tropical miracle fruit. And the hype isn’t for nothing– it has tons of benefits and healing properties! The first thing to note is that coconut is your heart’s friend. Research has shown that it has a neutral effect on cholesterol, however, […]

Coconut: A Tropical Miracle Fruit

Woman holds a bag of recycling.
Breaking It Down… So Your Trash Can Be Broken Down Recycling has been a large-scale narrative in the United States since the seventies, and as the years continue, the scope only continues to widen. There is no shortage of advertisements, public service announcements, awareness initiatives, eco-movements, private companies, and non-profit […]

Earth Day Recycling Guide

poor posture
Strong Spine, Strong Body I am the first one to admit that my posture isn’t great. When I’m not hunched over my laptop, I’m looking down at my cell phone or am in other awkward positions. Although most people believe that bad posture just causes physical discomfort, it can actually […]

Why You Should Improve Your Poor Posture