People struggling with stress may find reflexology to be helpful to induce relaxation. The therapy also comes with a variety of health benefits thought to be brought about by neural stimulation. In addition, reflexology may be a useful complementary therapy for people struggling with certain health conditions. What is Reflexology? […]

Relief With Reflexology

Feeling low? Tired? Moody? It could be because of a vitamin D deficiency! Photo by Armin Rimoldi on Pexels.
The Deal with Vitamin D Scientists estimate that over one billion people in the world are vitamin D deficient.  That means that at least one-eighth of all of the people on earth are suffering from a lack of this essential vitamin.  Despite the “urgent need” for vitamin D intervention worldwide, […]

Over 1 Billion People Aren’t Getting Enough of This Essential ...

Many migraine sufferers are finding relief with Botox injections in specific areas in the head, neck, and shoulders. Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash.
First, a story… I suffer from migraines.  I had my first attack when I was eleven or twelve, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  Imagine it: a gangled, pale, faintly mustachioed preteen girl sprinting headlong through the first lap of puberty— awkward, uncoordinated, and silly, but nevertheless thrilled […]

The Migraine Compendium: A Look at Treating Migraines with Botox

COPD rehabilitation Coverage through Medicare
Pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD may be available to individuals at decreased cost through Medicare Part B coverage. A rehabilitation program provides many benefits to those living with COPD. Slowed disease progression, increased lifespan, a better quality of life, and minimized flareups are some of the ways a rehabilitation program can […]

COPD: Pulmonary Rehabilitation Through Medicare

The history of Monocles dates back hundreds of years, typically being used as a symbol of status among elite members of society. The Smithsonian writes that, “according to a 1950 article from Optical Journal, from the beginning, the single-lens carried with it “an air of conscious elegance,” making it ripe […]

History of Monocles

heart attack versus cardiac arrest
The terms heart attack and cardiac arrest tend to be used, by most people, interchangeably. The confusion is understandable since both have to do with the heart; however, there are some key differences between the two conditions that are crucial in figuring out which someone is experiencing. What is a […]

Heart Attack Versus Cardiac Arrest

nutrition facts label
If you are anything like me, you throw grocery items in your cart without taking a single look at the nutrition facts label. This is because many Americans don’t understand how to read the label correctly. All of the information on the label changes for each item, so in this […]

How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

Suffering from weight bias comes with a list of nasty side effects, with depression and thoughts of suicide among them. Photo by Andres Ayrton on Pexels.
Mind Over Body Emergent research suggests that what you think about your weight could be the culprit behind your unachieved health goals.  Weight bias is defined as any negative pattern of behavior, thoughts, judgments, or beliefs associated with body weight or size.  Real-world examples of weight bias include being excluded […]

How Weight Bias Makes You and Others Sick

Yin Yoga
Yin yoga is the complementing practice to the many types of yang yoga and provides several different health benefits. Many people are familiar with the various forms of yang yoga, which focus on muscle activation and lengthening, but fewer people are aware of yin yoga. Unlike yang, yin yoga focuses […]

Yin Yoga for Health

Japan may hold the answers for combating obesity in the United States, but it will take more than a personal overhaul to make needed changes. Photos by cottonbro on Pexels.
COVID-19 has worsened obesity worldwide… so what now? Amidst a year-long blitz of harrowing COVID-19 news, it’s not difficult to imagine that a lot of us have quite literally dropped the ball on our health regimes.  I for one canceled my gym membership, retired my tennis shoes to the deepest […]

The Obesity Pandemic: The United States vs. Japan