A full glass cheering to the benefits of water.
Water is essential for human survival, and it is vital to take a moment to learn about the benefits of water for our overall health and well-being. Water helps us maintain a healthy weight, keeps our body correctly functioning, and has many other benefits you might not know. There is […]

Benefits of Water

San Francisco's Super Bowl stadium is seen a night.
Super Bowl Trivia Once again, American football’s top professional teams will soon meet at the Super Bowl. Friends might have invited you to Super Bowl parties in the past, and you might get an invite to another one this year. If you ever have trouble thinking of topics to discuss […]

Super Bowl Trivia

Looking at fingernails.
Your fingernails can say a lot about you. And no, I’m not talking about the color or length. Instead, any white splotches, ripples, and bumps can signal that something is wrong. Diseases throughout the body may sometimes manifest themselves as imperfections in your fingernails. Follow along as we discover what […]

Do Fingernails Reveal Your Health?

Resolutions you can keep that will not take away from your life.
The start of 2023 brings you an excellent opportunity to create New Year resolutions you can keep. Doing so will help you make the most of your new year. It’s no surprise that many people use this time to pledge their commitment to making healthy lifestyle changes to improve their well-being in […]

New Year Resolutions You Can Keep

Cancer Screenings can provide early detection.
Cancer screenings are the last thing on our minds with the holiday season in full swing. Sleighs bells ringing, people singing, and all things being merry and bright, the last thing we want to consider is that awful C-word. But did you know that if more people received preventive screenings, then approximately […]

Cancer Screenings are Important

A New Year's Eve party is photographed.
Thinking of New Year’s Eve, what comes to your mind? Do you envision funny party hats, noise makers, champagne, and people going to extravagant parties while wearing their best attire? You might imagine Times Square in New York City overflowing with people and confetti. Let us explore the origin of […]

New Year’s Eve Traditions

Socks or the Doctor? The phrase ‘getting cold feet’ has become synonymous with feeling nervous before your wedding, but the term can also quite literally mean that your feet are cold. Unfortunately, for some people that experience this feeling, it can indicate serious health issues. Why You Get Cold Feet […]

Getting Cold Feet?

Meibomian glands-- little-known structures at the edges of the eye-- are vital for maintaining eye health. Photo by Utkarxh Rathore on Unsplash.
Tear Tracking Between being chronically sleep-deprived, dehydrated, and screen-baked, our eyes certainly take a beating! It’s no wonder why so many people struggle with them, especially now that temperatures are dropping (at least here in the US). Cases of dry, itchy, and otherwise untenable eyes are on the rise! All […]

What Are Meibomian Glands?

A colorful map of the United States of America if seen.
The State of Jefferson Have you ever heard of the state of Jefferson? Nearly 81 years ago, the United States of America almost adopted Jefferson, made up of western Oregon and northern California counties. How close to becoming a recognized state was Jefferson? Does Jefferson still have interest today? When […]

The State of Jefferson

The Buzz About Bees I do not fear many things, but I do fear bees. Getting a bee sting has not happened to me yet, and I hope to keep it that way as long as possible. My first instinct is to swat at anything that even resembles a bee. […]

What’s the Thing About Bees?