woman holding heart shaped block over her stomach.
Mutual Symbiosis Did you know your body is host to an unquantifiable number of germs? Now, before you panic- they’re meant to be there! In the past few years, the spotlight has been set on gut health as researchers uncover its role in overall well-being, and the phrase has become […]

What Makes Gut Health So Important?

Cars drive through a busy intersection in downtown Los Angeles.
Of all 332 million people living in the United States, 39 million live in California. So, about 12% of all Americans are also Californians, making the Golden State the most populous state in the country. This point has two punchlines: 1) if you’re one of the many residents of California— firstly, hi […]

Breaking Down Health Coverage in California

Health Insurance is spelled out with lettered tiles.
Health insurance is important for your financial health. It pays for unexpected medical bills and gives you access to other medical resources.  Unfortunately, health insurance is also one of the most expensive commodities out there. In a 2019 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey, 14.5% of American adults live uninsured.  […]

Navigating Health Insurance Costs with Budget and Credit

A father, mother and baby stroll though a field.
Are you self-employed? Perhaps you are a freelancer or independent contractor. Obtaining the right insurance for you is vital. If you, your spouse, or dependents fall ill or get injured, you could unnecessarily pay a substantial amount out-of-pocket for healthcare that could be much more affordable. The Affordable Care Act […]

Insurance Coverage for Self-Employed

Hands Stretching Out
Cracked hands ruining your day? Are you continuously washing your hands and writhing in pain? We un-moisturized folk know your pain. Your skin begins to rip and tear, and soon, you have little cuts all over your hands. The worst part is that you can’t really rest your hands to […]

Dry Lotion Needy Hands Ruining Your Day?

Do you ever wonder what would really happen if you got into an accident and didn’t wear your seat belt? Or do you really just hate the feeling of the strap around your chest? Believe it or not, out of all car accidents in America, 91.6% of people said they […]

Can Wearing A Seat Belt Save Your Life?

While outside, a woman joins a virtual reality session.
Advances in virtual reality (VR) have come a long way in the last few decades. Multiple industries utilize virtual reality, and there are quite a few advantages to this technology as well as some disadvantages. Virtual Reality Advantages A traumatic event in a person’s life can cause a person to […]

Virtual Reality Advantages and Disadvantages

Turtles and Frogs and Snakes, Oh My! The popularity of reptiles and amphibians as pets has surged, especially for children, due to their low-maintenance nature and unique charm. And while these slimy creatures are fascinating companions, it may be best to avoid them. This caution arises from the fact that reptiles […]

Salmonella: The Danger Behind These Unique Pets

Oranges and vitamin c
Vitamin C, a powerful nutrient, has been a game-changer in wellness. Its diverse benefits have made it a staple in many diets and health regimens. Returning to its discovery, vitamin C has evolved from a mere dietary supplement to a multi-faceted health booster. Recognized for its role in combating scurvy, […]

Vitamin C: 5 Reasons Why It’s Good for Your Health

Keeping a good work-life balance is something we all need to learn.
Remember that feeling of spinning plates on sticks, hoping none go crashing down? Yeah, that’s pretty much adulthood now. Between chasing promotions and wiping sticky hands, achieving “work-life balance” feels like winning the lottery. How do you achieve the status of SuperMom/Dad and climb the corporate ladder? How do you […]

Workplace Wellness Tips