Benefits That Could Be Unique To Your Health Plan


When it comes to health insurance you might be at a standstill on which plan to get. With many private companies, each has its own pros and cons, while staying relatively competitive. Where these companies stand apart usually comes down to the benefits offered. These benefits are robust and usually offer advantages that could be the breaking point that makes a client go with one over another. What about you, is being able to go to the gym for free important to you? Can free rides to and from the doctors make your life more convenient? Today we will cover the most common benefits and new additions for 2020.

Generic Benefit

What are benefits and are you currently accessing yours? Benefits are the add-ons that come with private insurance companies that provide extra incentive for signing up with their company. Benefits can vary between each insurance company giving you a broad selection of what you’d like available to you. Some of the most common benefits you may find in a private health insurance plan include:

  • Transportation
  • Gym membership
  • Eye Care
  • Dental Care
  • Hearing Benefits

These benefits although common are unique to each carrier. While one might offer you more money for the hearing benefit, another might offer you more coverage for dental care. Another might give you a wider option to multiple gyms and the next one offers unlimited transportation. It is important to talk to your agent to know the key standouts between each plan.

Unique Benefits

Although these benefits vary to a degree over most carriers it does not mean that no benefit being offered isn’t unique. For instance, a certain carrier offers an alternative medicine benefit that includes therapeutic massages. Another interesting benefit that is exclusive to a certain private insurance company is, if eligible, air conditioner credit towards a unit for those with certain conditions. Again, a carrier could offer credits towards wearable fitness devices if you enjoy tracking your fitness levels. Another unique benefit might be special meal plans for those with certain conditions. You might be given a certain number of free meals over a period or a meal delivered to you once every week.

There are many benefits out there that are not common to every plan. Talk to your agent about what your plan has to offer and what other plans might be able to provide to you.

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