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Antioxidant-powered blueberries are seen.
Benefits of Blueberries Blueberries, the small and tasty fruit, are a healthy snack choice to brighten your day. The blue fruit grows throughout the USA with farms in 38 states, but 98 percent of its production occurs in Washington, Oregon, California, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and New Jersey. […]

Blueberries’ Benefits

Subconscious Scares We’ve all had those dreams where our curtain of awareness goes up on a particularly stressful scenario— we can’t run up the stairs fast enough to escape what’s lurking in the dark, we’re left without shelter facing an incoming tornado or tidal wave, we materialize in our high […]

What’s in a Grin? – A Petition for Oral Health

The new legislation regarding price transparency in costs will bring clarity to many people.
Price transparency has been a long-standing issue in the healthcare industry. The lack of transparency in pricing makes it difficult for consumers to compare services and limits to their competition. According to a recent study, 50% of Americans are concerned about their ability to afford healthcare, and many people struggle to […]

Price Transparency and Healthcare

  Water Filtration and Its Evolution Water and its filtration have been one of the fundamental concerns of our society. Therefore, it is not by chance that advances in water purification and distribution are associated with advances in public health. Water filtration is a process that has been used for centuries […]

Water Filtration and Its Evolution